U-KISS to pre-release 'Mystery Lady' ahead of comeback with mini album 'Moments'

The boys of U-KISS have dropped the details about their impending comeback through their official fan cafe, cheering up fans after the unfortunate news about Dongho leaving the group. We heard from the agency previously that the group would be coming back as 6 members at the end of this month, and they've stayed true to their words as the 8th mini album titled 'Moments' is scheduled for release on the 31st! However, before its release, we'll be getting a bit of a spoiler in the form of a pre-release being revealed tomorrow (24th KST)! The track is called "Mystery Lady" and it's one of 7 tracks included in the album. So make sure to check back tomorrow! In the meantime, check out the tracklist below. - 8th mini album - 'Moments' (October 31 release) 1. Intro 2. Mysterious Lady 3. That's My Girl 4. Turn off the Light 5. Hey Man 6. Wait a Moment 7. That's My Girl (INST.)

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