6 Reasons to love "Marry Him if You Dare"

1. Yoon Eun Hye Yoon Eun Hye is undeniably one of the best Korean actors out there today, from "Coffee Prince" to "I Miss You" her wide acting range is easy to see. She always creates chemistry with the other actors that she is paired with, making each scene seem more realistic. If you haven't seen any of her dramas yet (but let's be real you probably have) you are in for a treat! 2.. Jung Yong Hwa If you haven't fallen for him yet, you definitely will soon. His portrayal of the cute Shin Woo inYou're Beautiful won over the hearts of many back in 2009. Yong Hwa hasn't starred in any dramas since "Heartstrings" back in 2011, but his comeback to acting has been long awaited by fans. This is his first "adult" role so hopefully we will see a different side of him! 3. Time Travel Any show or movie that has time travel involved automatically becomes a little bit more interesting to me. Future Mi Rae travels from 2043 all the way back to 2013 to help change her life and her husband using Present Mi Rae to do it. I'm looking forward to the further explanation of the time travel, and I'm also curious about what Mi Rae's future was actually like! ] 4. Mystery marry_him_1 During the first episode we are told that Mi Rae and Shin get married in the future. However, Future Mi Rae travels back in time to try and stop this from ever happening! We are told that the person Mi Rae loved dies because of him, but that only makes me more curious! Who was it? What happened? ...I just can't wait to find out! 5.The two Mi Rae's Imagine how weird it would be to talk to a future version of yourself. It would be pretty crazy! In Mi Rae's case, her future self is rather meddlesome and makes some pretty crazy statements towards Present Mi Rae. At least we know she is just trying to help Present Mi Rae from taking the same life path she did. Although you pretty much have to ignore any of your previous time travel knowledge (including paradoxes) because there is so much interference from Future Mi Rae in Present Mi Rae's life already! 6. Destiny Marry Him if You Dare talks about destiny and fate quite a bit. So everyone knows that Yong Hwa was up for lead roles in both "The Heirs" and "Marry Him if You Dare." However, at a recent press conference he revealed how he made his choice while he was in Japan. To quote another article by my fellow DramaFever writer KrisE, "As he was reading the newspaper he flipped to the horoscope section and saw “Today is the important day for your future choice!” With "Future Choice" being another title for Marry Him if You Dare, you could say that he was destined to play this role!

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