Sinorock self drilling rock bolts help people build safer and stronger homes and buildings

Self drilling rock boltrock bolt

Sinorock carry a comprehensive range of various self drilling rock bolts,generally speaking,we have two categories as below:

1,R25N, R32L, R32N, R32S, R38N,R51N, T76N, T76S, T111N, T111S


All self drilling rock bolts can be manufactured in different lengths, like 2 meters, 3meters, 4 meters, 6 meters or 9 meters. Both left hand thread and right hand thread are available upon customers request.

Besides, we also supply a complete range of accessories, including coupling sleeves, steel plates, nuts, centralizers, and various anchor bits.

Sinorock has focused on creating self drilling rock bolt products that help people build safer and stronger homes and buildings.

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