I got a chocolate Crush MCM: Chocolate rain style


So@Queenpandabunny is probably gonna kill me for this but I've been crushing a bit on this man.

That's some handsome ass Chocolate boo. I tried to stay away but I think he got me. Of course, my heart still belongs to Kiseok and Ju Kyung. ❤ But like this man is just kinda creeping in.

Honestly, Cha Cha have me ready to throw his ass in a hole somewhere so I don't fall into the trap but at the same time I feel like I need to give him more love cause his beats are like that. (cha cha's cypher plays in the background). So as a gift to my girl@Queenpandabunny I'll give her a sneak peek at Cha Cha's story .

Story: When your parents send you off on an important mission to save your Kingdom, they pair you up with a guardian that used to be a class A thief. Separate, both your powers are incredible but together you two might just be unstoppable. Who knows.... Maybe your parents do know what's best.

What: Fantasy Smut

Alright Guys I'm done loving down Cha Cha see y'all soon.

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