Park Shin Hye, Go Soo and Han Suk Gyu Favorably Reviewing Historical Fiction Movie About Making Clothes

Go Soo, Han Suk Gyu and Park Shin Hye may be uniting for a historical fiction film that is being dubbed as “the second Masquerade.” According to film industry sources on October 22, Go Soo, Han Suk Gyu and Park Shin Hye are positively reviewing the upcoming film, “Sang Eui Won,” which translates to “royal tailor.” The film is set in the Joseon-era and is about the royal tailors of the King’s court. The film will be directed by Lee Won Suk, whose past works include “How to Use Guys with Secret Tips” and will be produced by the company behind, “The Chaser,” and “A Werewolf Boy.” Go Soo’s potential role is a genius tailor with a free-spirit, who impresses the king and queen with his clothes-making skills. Han Suk Gyu plays the veteran tailor who served with his skills since the reign of the last king but feels threatened by Go Soo’s genius and carefree character. Park Shin Hye plays the role of the queen, who is saddened by the king’s coldness and often feels alone. Go Soo, who has transformed his acting image by playing a villainous role on SBS’ “Empire of Gold,” is said to have immediately fallen for the scenario for this film. Han Suk Gyu, who has seen success with two films this year, “Berlin,” and “Paparoti,” is said to be impressed with the Mozart and Salieri-like nature of the story. Park Shin Hye, who is currently enjoying the popularity of the SBS drama, “The Heirs,” has seen success in the film industry as well through “Miracle in Cell No. 7,” and is looking to take on a new challenge. After confirming on the cast, “Sang Eui Won” will start shooting next spring.

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