The Liars Keeper

Chapter One

Shattered feelings,

Broken promises,

Disappointment… that was all I had ever known.



Joy… to me those things only happened in fairytales.

But if you were to pass by me on the street you most likely would have never guessed that was how I felt about such things…. I can wear a smile like an accessory, laugh like it's a bad habit, and pretend to care like an actress. I had the mask of a happy go lucky person on my face. But underneath was nothing… just the emotionless shell of a body.

There was only one person who knows who I really am… he is also the same person who gets under my skin and makes me constantly question myself. He is the only one who has ever seen me remove this mask of mine.

For he is the Keeper... and I am nothing more than his liar.


"It's fine, I'm fine... don't worry." Three of my most common lies wrapped up into one sentence.

"You did it again," I heard a voice from over my shoulder. I pulled the phone down away from my face and shushed the person lounging on my couch. "Are you listening Rahasia?"

"Yes, I am Mr. Park. Don't worry I will have the report done as soon as possible." I ended the call quickly and turned to face the bum laying on my furniture.

"Mark, are you out of your mind?! I was on the phone with my boss." I said as I walked over to Mark and gently hit him on the chest. "Get up and get a job, and stop laying all over my stuff."

"Trust me it's not your stuff I want to be laying on."

"Get out..." I said trying to keep my calm.

This boy was dangerous, he knew too much about my family, my job.. and he knew to much about me.

"Just 10 more minutes, May said she will be here in a little to pick me up."

I shuttered at the thought of Mark's girlfriend. She was too happy for my liking.

"Whatever," I said as I sat down at my desk. I ran my hands through my hair, this stress was killing me.

"Why did you lie earlier on the phone?" I hear Mark ask.

"I didn't," I reply.

"See you did it again Rahasia. I've known you for too long for you to try and lie to me."

"Okay fine! So what, I told a lie. I can't get this report done by tomorrow bc it's too much. But what was i suppose to do Mark?! If i don't do this I lose my job."

I let out a sigh. I hated showing emotion... of anykind. That was my downfall.

"Alright scoot over," I looked over at Mark who was now bringing another chair over over to my desk. "Where do we start?" He asked.

"Don't you have a date you should be going on right about now?"

"Nah, I figure it's probably more important that i help you keep your job than going to hook up with my girlfriend."

"Oh how sweet," i said sarcastically. "I don't want your help, so leave." I looked down at all the papers in front of me.


I looked up at Mark's smirking face. "Fine! Take the freaking pencil and start writing."

I grabbed another pencil from the holder and started on another paper that was laying in front of us. After a few minutes I glanced up at Mark. He had his serious face as he focused on the paper he had grabbed.

"Thank you Mark," I said under my breathe.

"You're welcome, Miss moody two shoes."


So this probably sounds horrible.. but its a new story I'm working on. Hopefully its not too terribly awful... *sighs* It's like 4 am here... and I cant sleep... so i wrote this... let me know what ya think...

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