Just a click away I sat aimlessly on my bed Lonely and lost No one to talk too No one to share my lonely experience Like a lonely bird in it's cage Without a friend. I click the search bar on my laptop Google site Hoping to find a place to ease my lonely life Finally I reached my destination Interpals site where my heart willing to try. My first night surf was a bored one Still new and try to adjust I want to leave but my heart refuse to Halt, wait for a while I lay down in bed without turning it off An hour latter, a beep sounds loud I refuse to check it up But my heart keeps calling out. Sleepy eyes and mind I stood Just one click my whole body frooze Oh my, is this really happening A friend request, A welcome message and introduction lines Where it attracts my eyes. PNG is where you from The land i've not known of But with your help it explain it all Like i've known your place a long time ago, Sweet messages makes my day All my stress fades away Gifted photos adds happiness to my heart Its hard to find a unique friend like you As you just a click away from me. Age different doesn't matter A true friendship is the only treasure Thousand miles inbetween us Only a click brings you near. Sweet lovely mail from you each week Make my heart injoy when read it through You're my best friend and a unique one Everynight i played the songs you send My mind relaxed and my heart rest In me I wish i meet my best friend Looking into your photo each days The sparkles in your eyes attracts me The loving and caring heart you have embraced me A friend who is a click away from me Whom I haven't meet Calling out to my heart all day.

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The Communities are great you rarely see anyone get in to an argument :)
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