Love Is Not Over Chapter 12 18+ Rating

Happy Sunday peeps!!!!!! How are you all doing today???? I hope you all are well and I also hope that you all don't kill me too!!!!! Here's the next installment and as always, feedback is welcome!!!! Guys enjoy!!!!!!!

Once you got home, you immediately went to the kitchen and poured yourself a glass of wine. You chugged it down with the quickness and immediately poured another glass. Things couldn't get any more complicated as they have been now.

That was too close for comfort for me. He felt it too??!!??? Ah shit!! Now what???? This was NOT supposed to happen. He broke my heart for what he did!!! But oh my god!!!! He smelled so good!!! Is it bad that I want him to pull me close and never let go? Oh I wanted him so bad to touch me! Shit!! What did I just get myself into??? I can't give into these feelings after what he did to me!!! OOHHH, but how I want those lips on mines!!! I wonder if they still feels soft as petals......Stop it y/n!!!! He is forbidden fruit! He is sin!! That one right there is illegal!!! He's just....NO! Don't go down that path with him. You'll only get burned again!! Come on, y/n. Looks like a cold shower and the bullet are in your cards tonight.

That touch, after all this time. She can't just played that off like it was nothing. THERE IS SOMETHING THERE. Why is she denying that nothing is wrong?I really want her to come clean with herself and me. I hope that we can work through everything and I can call her mine again. I miss her touchI miss the smell of her. I miss making love to her every night. God, if I can have her for one more night, I would be content at the moment, but I would want her more.How am I supposed to act around her now. She is literally going to drive me crazy where I can't control myself.

If I only knew that my actions would be the cause of our demise that I never wanted. I was foolish to let you go. I am so sorry, princess. I promise that I will do what ever I can to win you back.

What the fuck did I drink last nightDid I literally down that bottle last night? Ugh, why can't I remember??There's no way I'm going into work with this.Now what the hell is he sending me a text this morning

Wow, who knew that he was a worry wart.Who the hell could it be

Whoa, pause! Who sent you here? How did you get my address?Mental note, talk to boss about giving people my number and address. What's up with all the bags, you asked.Your not gonna make me something, are you, cause I'm feeling much better

Oh wow!! This is delicious!!!Don't think those thoughts. Yes he's standing right next to you. Do not give in!!!Thank you for the soup. That was really thoughtful of you.

I don't think so. I think I just nicked it.Thank you,So you was going to leave and not say goodbyeTwo things, I don't date my clients and I don't mix business with pleasure. Thank you for the soup. I really do appreciate you coming by to make sure that I was OK. I'll see you on Saturday

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