Belong to them Ch.8: The Storm

Who: Jung Kiseok x reader x Park Jaebeom x Oh Mintaek

What: Smut clef: a new musical scale between Alto and Treble. When you hit the right note, oh boy the sounds you will hear if you catch my drift.

Story: Your main boyfriend is a dominant by every sense of the word. You quite like it, the roughness, the demands but also the way he treats you like his most precious possession. One thing about your boyfriend though is he really likes to share and soon you find yourself submissive to not one, not two but three men. Three Masters with different personalities but somehow the same. What the hell are you about to get into....

Y/n's POV

"Y/n come here." Kiseok said.

You didn't even think about defying him; you stepped back carefully until you were next to him. He wrapped his arms around you from behind.

"Look at me." He said.

You turned in his arms but you kept looking back at Minho who was now leaning against the front door he had closed. He was staring at the pregnancy test. Your heart was racing, the first few words coming out of Kiseok's mouth you hadn't even heard. You were too distressed and focused on the sound of your pounding heart.

"Baby girl listen." He shook you a little to get you to snap out of it.

He knew you weren't listening.

"I need you to be very good okay. He's dangerous." Kiseok said.

He had turned around so that his back was facing Minho and you could see the vicious look in his eyes.

"Kiseok he's going to kill you." You said grabbing onto his shirt.

"I'll be fine."

You shook your head knowing that wasn't the truth and you knew he didn't even believe that because you knew his tell when he was lying. He cupped your face and quickly kissed you. He kissed your forehead.

"If this is our last moment together I don't want to die knowing you're upset at me. Forgive me." He whispered.

You choked back tears and nodded. He kissed your forehead again. He turned around to face Minho who stood up straight and smiled.

"Y/n Lee, age twenty three. Brown hair brown eyes. Graduated high school, moved out of her father's home at the age seventeen, after he remarried. Allergic to peaches, has no real job experience aside from being a receptionist at a small business called Park Loans. Lives with three men and a woman. The female sleeps around and one of the men is a drunk. I noticed your man never looked into the other two roommates why is that?" Minho looked at Kiseok with a smile.

He just recited a whole bunch of information about you. Out dated information apparently, considering you hadn't been roommates with them for two years. How did he know any of this? He mentioned Kiseok's men. Did he have you investigated? Kiseok's hands had balled into fists.

"Now the little angel is pregnant. You chose a girl who had nothing so that you'd be her everything." Minho said.

"Shut up." Kiseok hissed.

"You're really in no position to give me orders."

Minho pulled out a gun and instinctively Kiseok pulled his arm back to push you behind him. You stayed close to him but you watched Minho as he held the gun to you two. Your hands were shaking a bit.

"Sweet sweet Y/n. Jay calls you babydoll but Mintaek likes to call you puppy when he thinks no one else is around otherwise it's French fry a much less adorable name."

"How do you know all of this?" You said.

"Oh I've done my research, just like your Master here did his research on you. You were desirable because you had nothing Y/n, you were nothing and he knew that. That's why he wanted to own you. You would be the center of his universe and he would be yours. As long as you obeyed he was good to you but if you weren't he denied you many things and you had to listen. Do you know what happened to the roommate that forced himself on you?" Minho smiled darkly.

You looked up at Kiseok but he stayed watching Minho, the part that was scaring you was that he wasn't denying anything he said.

"He sent two men after him and they kicked his ass. He was told not to touch you again or he'd do worse than kill him. He'd ruin him. You think I'm crazy Y/n I know you do. I even know you're scared of me. I know you cried the day I broke in. I've always been close angel even if you can't see me. Nothing was more thrilling than watching you run out of the penthouse and into Mintaek's arms. You two would've made a better couple. I have no reason to want him to suffer." He said.

He stepped closer and Kiseok stepped back pushing you with him. If you could get close to him you could get the gun away but if he did his research he would know you were a black belt right? Kiseok didn't know you were a black belt until that day he woke you up. You tried to calm your shaking hands, your heart was beating faster the closer he came with the gun.

"Kiseok sit down or I'll blow your brains all over her." He growled.

Kiseok half turned to you and took your hand as he sat down on the couch looking angry at Minho.

"Let her go." Minho said.

Kiseok looked at you and you pulled your hand away. You didn't want to risk further upsetting him. Still you couldn't exactly make a move yet. Not while his gun was on Kiseok. Minho had a creepy smile as he looked at you.

"I've spent a lot of time watching you two, trying to figure out what would make him tick. He doesn't like when people touch you without his permission. I already know you can defend yourself Y/n from our first encounter. Your little assault charge has done little to me."

His eyes got even darker. He shot Kiseok in the arm. You jumped but tried holding back tears. Blood stained the couch, Kiseok was gripping his arm in pain you had tried to go to him but Minho warned if you came any closer to him he'd just kill him. He turned to Kiseok,


"You need to move on Minho."

"The way you did? Finding another girl to replace her. Doesn't she look a little like her Kiseok? Mina was a little taller, a little lighter. She had a less fucked up background, Mina was the most beautiful woman in the world and you stole her from me and you let her die!"

"Let Y/n go." Kiseok said.

"No, she chose to be here. She chose you, she stayed, she can die with you." Minho said.

"You'd kill a pregnant woman?" Kiseok spit.

"As far as I'm concerned any spawn that came from you doesn't deserve a life."

"Minho." You said weakly.

He looked at you, you only had a few tears falling but you were staying strong mostly. Minho's angry expression turned to that of dark amusement.

"Take off your shirt Y/n." He said smiling.

"Minho!" Kiseok growled.

He raised his gun to Kiseok's head.

"Take it off or he dies."

By now you were sure he'd shoot Kiseok and he wasn't bluffing. You grabbed the hem of your shirt and pulled it up and over your head. He looked you over then he smiled and licked his lips,

"Now I know why he likes you walking around naked. You've got a cute body. Come here."

"Don't touch her!" Kiseok said leaning forward but his wound caused him to wince.

Minho just looked at him and smiled,

"Had you been there that night would you have said the same thing?"

"I would've done anything to protect her!" Kiseok said angry.

Minho didn't believe that, all he saw was his revenge.

"Come here princess." He cooed darkly.

You stepped up to him,

"Y/n." Kiseok said.

It wasn't like you could necessarily say no just yet. You had to find a way to get close enough to him to get the gun away but you had to make sure he didn't shoot Kiseok. Minho's hand came to your neck, figures he might know that weakness. He dipped his head down to capture your lips and kiss you hard. You could hear Kiseok's heavy breathing. It was killing him watching this. You tried to cut off any emotions for the moment. You needed to think. He was smart though and already sensing your calculations he pressed the gun to your chin.

"I'll kill you if you try anything. That will make him suffer, his little pet and his unborn bastard dead." Minho said.

It was actually the first moment you realized help wasn't coming. Either you figured out some way to save you two or you both died in this penthouse together. He looked at your face carefully,

"You do look like her. You both have that look, there's something you're searching for. She was older than you but she was young and very beautiful Y/n." He said.

His hand snuck up your naked side and played with your breast through your bra. Every part of you wanted to say stop it but the gun was close. Any move you made now would be dangerous. Kiseok's wound needed to be taken care of. Minho's hand slid down your body to get to the front button of your pants. Silent tears trailed down your face.

"Are you scared angel?" He asked you.

"Yes." You said weakly.

"You should be, she was. That's why I want him to watch, he'll know how it feels to be helpless. While you're afraid and being touched by me,"

He walked behind you and pushed his hands down your panties. You looked away from Kiseok trying to hold back tears. He wrapped the other hand holding the gun around your body and kissed your neck.

"Y/n." Kiseok called to you.

You squeezed your eyes shut and tears dripped down. You covered your mouth when you cried a little harder.

"Please look at me." Kiseok begged.

Minho's fingers continued moving in your panties while he continued to kiss you. You opened your eyes and saw his image through blurry eyes. You saw him holding his shoulder.

"I'd kill a man for laying a hand on you." He reminded you.

You looked at him wondering what he meant. It gave you an idea though, could you give him an opening? His leg shifted back, you could see he was letting you know he'd be ready.

"You'll never accomplish it." You said.

"What are you on about?" Minho said.

He bit your ear making you moan. You clenched your teeth. You couldn't give into primal instincts. Your legs tensed.


His hand shot from your panties to your neck before he squeezed tightly.

"What the Fuck do you know?" He growled.

The gun was still to your chest but at the very least his hands were out of your panties.

"You're suffering Minho. I know you're dying inside. That pain is killing you but even if you were to kill us both, even if you were to kill me and make him suffer you will still be dead inside. You died with Mina. You have no reason to live after we go. You're just a sick bastard." You said.

He was getting increasingly angry and his hold on your neck became stronger. You choked as he said,

"I'll just make him watch the life drain from you slowly. He might get off seeing you being fucked by me. I don't want him to enjoy your death."

He kissed your cheek. Kiseok quickly shifted to bring the gun to his attention. It opened a window for you to move quick once his attention was off you, his grip loosened and you bucked your head back hitting him in the nose. You quickly grabbed the hand with the gun when he jerked back and you turned around free from his grip. He had let you go once you hit his nose. He fired the gun before you could turn it around but you were able to knee him in the crotch to get him to fall back onto the on the coffee table breaking it. He pulled you down with him but you had successfully taken the gun from him. His hand wrapped around your neck quickly forgetting the gun in your hands. He squeezed tight trying to steal the life from you. You choked but you cocked the gun and shot him in the chest before you could pass out. His grip loosened and you sucked in air. You saw his eyes widen and he looked down to see the bullet wound in his chest before he went limp and fell over. You caught your breath and pushed the rest of his body up off you. You were crying slightly while trying to catch your breath.

"Ki-Kiseok." You said panting and sitting up.

You looked up to see him on the floor in front of the couch. He was looking at you and gave you a small smile. He mouthed something but you had no idea what he said. Your whole world went silent as you saw his eyes close and you focused in on the bullet wound in his chest as well.

"No, nononono." You jumped up quickly and hurried to him.

The door opened as you screamed for him to wake up.

"Kiseok! Don't- don't go. Stay with me please. Please!" You screamed.

"What the hell happened in here?"

You looked back for a second to see Jay and Mintaek walking in. They were supposed to come pick you up and discuss something's with Kiseok. They had the key to the penthouse all they had to do was walk in.

"Call an ambulance!" You screamed.

You were holding Kiseok's head against your chest while you rocked back and forth. Jay knelt down beside you while Mintaek called an ambulance. You laid Kiseok on his back and applied pressure to his wound. You were crying so hard he was just a blur at the moment.

"Don't go. Kiseok. Please- stay." You cried.

Jay went to go check his pulse.

"It's okay Baby doll. He's still got a pulse. He'll make it."

Mintaek finished the call and came over to kneel down beside you. He rubbed your back with one hand along with Jay. You sniffed and tried to calm yourself while you kept your hands over the wound.

"Keep the pressure there, they'll be here soon." Mintaek said.

"The bullet hit him, he tried to save me. It was an accident." You cried.

"Shush puppy, Kiseok hyung is tough he'll make it through this." Mintaek said.

He kissed your cheek and you three waited. It took them eight minutes but to you it felt like forever. You were covered in both Kiseok and Minho's blood. Kiseok's face wasn't even in focus because tears kept blurring your vision. You may have been about to leave him earlier but you did not want him to die. You couldn't live with that...

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