Belong to them Ch.10: The reunion (end)

Who: Jung Kiseok x reader x Park Jaebeom x Oh Mintaek What: Smut clef: a new musical scale between Alto and Treble. When you hit the right note, oh boy the sounds you will hear if you catch my drift. Story: Your main boyfriend is a dominant by every sense of the word. You quite like it, the roughness, the demands but also the way he treats you like his most precious possession. One thing about your boyfriend though is he really likes to share and soon you find yourself submissive to not one, not two but three men. Three Masters with different personalities but somehow the same. What the hell are you about to get into.... *One year later*Y/n's POV

YouYou: Hey this is Y/n you still have the same number Jay? Park Jaebeom: Yeah, I'm surprised you kept the number. You: Answer your phone when I call youyoulovedneedlovelovecouldn'twillwill

He set you on your feet and you headed for the couch while tossing your clothes to the side. Walking around the house naked brought back memories. His beautiful hungry grin painted over his face when he saw you naked. You sat on the arm of the chair and beckoned him to you. He had taken off his shirt and he walked up between your open legs. He cupped your face and kissed you while your hands worked at his pants to take them off. You pushed them down once they were loose and he pulled them down. He was hard and standing up straight. He stuck two fingers in your mouth to suck on them, you licked them with purpose, every bit of you knowing what you had to do to make this feel fucking amazing. He pulled his fingers back and had you lick his palm before he started to jerk himself off between your legs. Your core was heated and aching for him. He was getting himself properly ready for you but you were hungry now. You stuck your fingers in your mouth and licked them up before bringing them to your heat and pushing them inside you. You threw your head back a little moaning out loud, "Ah Daddy come Fuck me." You moaned. He grabbed your hand and pulled it away. He came and crashed his lips over yours, eating you up like you were his last meal. He licked your bottom lip before coming to your neck and licking that specific area that really rang your bell. You released a deep moan getting so wet for him and he kissed your weak spot. "God I missed your voice baby girl." He said. His voice was completely fucked out and neither one of you had done anything yet. "Master Fuck me please." You begged. "Hold on for me baby girl. It's been a year." He said. He dropped down to his knees and you felt his tongue flatten out across your folds and lick you up. His tongue flicked at your clit making you bite your lip and muffle your loud moans. Your hand ran though his hair while he continued to eat you out roughly. He shook his head attacking your clit before sucking on the sensitive nub hard. You threw your head back and gripped his hair, pulling it a little as you screamed, "Oooh god! Fuck! Kiseok." He stood up and kissed you again. He couldn't get enough of your lips. He was finding your entrance as he kissed you and he rammed inside of you making you break the kiss to scream. He lifted your leg onto his shoulder so he could go in deep. His hips moved fast and hard. He wasn't necessarily searching for a release he just needed to fuck you. You were screaming and gripping the couch. You scratched at the pillows and then his back once you wrapped your arms around his neck. Your leg had come down and he had both your legs hooked in his arms while he fucked you senselessly. "Oooh god Master. Don't stop- fucking me." You begged. "Ugh Fuck I missed this tight body." He groaned. He set you on your feet and turned you around before he reentered you. He wrapped his hand around your body while he started fucking you doggy style. Your hands gripped onto the arm of the chair and your body rocked as he went in on you hard. You stood up and turned your head so he could kiss you. You could hear the sound of your bodies slamming hard against each other. Your breast bounced freely before his hands came to scoop them up and tease them. He came to the nape of your neck still moving hard in the hips but he teased your sensitive spot. He pulled out of you to sit down and you got on his lap to face him. You sat down once you got him back to your heat and you rocked your hips hard and aggressive. It was better this way, you could kiss him and stare into his eyes. He made you come for the kiss, each time you tried he slightly shifted his head back. Your body increased in want and need, your hole tightened around him and his hand came around to your ass. He smacked your butt before slipping his finger into your ass, making you moan loudly against his lips. Your swollen clit was throbbing; your body was tight and the coil in your stomach told you, you were coming soon. "Kiseok oppa. Master I'm gonna cum." "Not without me baby girl. Hold it." "I can't." You cried. "Yes you can baby girl, don't come until I give you permission." "Yes Master." You said. You rolled your body harder and faster; you bounced on him quickly, up and down, you could hear the sounds of the couch squeaking. He sucked on your nipples wetting it up so nicely with his tongue then blowing on it making it extra hard. "Fuck, oh. Daddy let me cum I can't take it anymore." He grabbed your hips, "Cum baby girl, let's come together." He said. He aided in your speed and you were just as aggressive. He hit your spot so many times you finally exploded onto him while he drowned your insides with his seed. You panted hard loving the feeling of being back in his arms. You leaned onto his body and hugged him. "You're coming back home?" He said. You nodded sleepy. "Y/n, did you mean it? You'll marry me?" He asked. "Yes Master. I'll marry you." You said. Sleep took over you... When you woke back up, you were under a blanket naked and Kiseok was sitting on the other couch on his computer. You sat up and he looked up at you and smiled seeing you were awake. You missed his smile. You smiled back and this time it was far more genuine than it had been for a while. You looked at the giant bunny beside you and buried your face in it while blushing when Kiseok scrunched his nose. So cute. You felt cozy in the stuffed animal. "When did you get the ring?" You asked him. "I bought it six months before the break up." He answered. "Why didn't you -" "We never talked about marriage and I was still on the fence. I was still seeing women behind your back I felt wrong for asking you to be only mine if I was doing that. I wasn't ready." He said. "You're sure you want to do this?" You asked. "Positive, I'm not losing you again... What are you going to name that thing anyway?" He asked referring to the bunny. "Hm....Seonghwa." you said. "Really?" "What, it's a good name." You said. He chuckled, "Yeah baby girl, it's a good name." "What are you doing anyway?" "I sent men to your place to start packing your furniture up." "Got damn you work fast, how did you find where I lived?" "Research baby girl." he said smiling. He stood up and walked over to you. He sat down beside you and you turned your head to look at him but you held onto the bunny. He smiled and leaned over to peck your lips. "I don't ever want to miss you again." He said. You smiled at him. "I love you." You said. "I love you too. Now stop hugging Seonghwa naked. Come show me some love." He said opening his arms wide to welcome you in. You chuckled and let go of the rabbit and leaned into him. You looked up and the two of you shared a long lasting deep kiss... 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