My Best Korean Drama Kisses

You know I kinda prefer the kisses before the characters actually concede to their feelings for each other,when they are still kinda fighting their feelings for each other,the kisses are always loaded with tension and feelings.well here's my 10 best korean drama kisses 1.Lie To Me;Karaoke Kiss: I just love love that kiss it was unexpected and turned out to be sizzling. Sidenote: Kang ji Hwan is a great kissing ,yoon eun hye is an amazing both of them together=EPIC And the song was PERFECT (Hee Young:Are You still waiting Korean version)amazing amazing song 2.Coffee Prince;I don't care if you're a man/alien kiss: one word:EPIC!!! Loaded with feelings and resignation to feelings Plus its Yoon Eun Hye Hello! And I absolutely love Gong Yoo 3.I hear your voice;Aquarium Kiss:ok I just loove this kiss the setting,location LJS's teary smile.its just heartwarming 4.Mary stayed out all night;Alley+handcuffs kiss 5.Personal taste;Game over kiss:I don't need to say anything cos almost all k-drama shippers love this kiss 6.LoveRain;Fountain Kiss:though the drama was badly executed and dragged even tho it had much potential and pretty actors,the kiss was one of the highlights of the drama 7.Playful Kiss;Rain kiss:it was a really nice kiss one of the few moments I really liked in the movie cos that oh ha ni chick spent half the time annoying me and the stiffness of Kim Hyun joong(I still love him tho) 8.Lie to Me;Cola kiss: NO WORDS 9.Princess hour;Couch kiss:it was just a cute denial kiss 10.City Hunter;Rooftop Kiss:nice nice kiss,I wanted to put that almost kiss cos I kinda prefer it cos even though there wasn't actually a kiss there was so much tension between them.but I'Ll stick with this one instead. Cheeeeeerrrrrrssssss *in ryan lochte's voice*

Random K-drama addict,first korean drama ever-Boys over flowers and I was hOoked by the k-drama gods.Love Lee Min Ho.Lee Jong Suk(my bday mate \(^o^)/ ),yoon eun hye,kim hyun joong,gong yoo,Lee Hyun woo(adorable cutie),choi min ho(another cutie),so ji sub's gesticulations (get lost+hand gesture) to mention a few cos I could go on and on and on
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