Fall Out Boy- Sugar, We're Going Down Swinging

It's been 7 weeks since I started seeing someone. At the beginning he was exactly what I needed, but after a few weeks he became exactly what will destroy me. My father cheating on my mother (over and over again and spending lots of money in the process) and my friend calling me unspeakable names and telling me no one will ever love me except my father (reference back to how my father cheated and all I can think is that maybe no one will ever love me) have left me broken and hurt. I need someone to stand by me and care about me. I need someone who is able to show that they care and say what they feel. I need someone who makes me feel confident in who I am and who we are together. There is no point in holding on to things that aren't meant to be. He's still in my life but he is no more than a notch or a line. He just isn't what I need to rebuild and have faith in relationships again. It's time for him to shape up or ship out and I have a feeling I will be tying the sails.

Music keeps the blood pumping through my viens. Love your comments on my cards 🖤 Message me if you have requests 🤘🏼 RIP Chester Bennington
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