The Lion's Roar Part 10

Sorry I didn't post sooner, I know it's been like, 3 months. I finally got to a point where I could stop, so here's PART 10.

Sighing, I decided I’d just do my best and so turned on the music and listened to the song at least fifty times, getting the timing and the rhythm and reading through the lyrics several times, trying to find the best way to sing the song. Then, when I knew the music well, I practice several different ways of singing it. I tried one thing, then later changed it to see if it was better. I completely lost track of time, and didn’t realize it had been hours when the door was opened and I looked up at the newcomer. They were hazy for a moment, then I blinked and my vision cleared. “How does it sound?” Si-Kyung asked. “I have no idea,” I admitted. “Want to listen?” “Yes.” So, he sat in while I sang the way that I thought had sounded best. This was of course, when he stepped in and advised me to go up here, or to go down here, or to hold out the note there. By the end of his coaching, it sounded really, really good. “Good, let’s record it.” “What?” my eyes widened. “Why else would you practice this for hours? Come,” he set everything up to record. We recorded it about three different times to get the frequency and the sound just right, and finally were done. “Excellent. Take this thumb drive to the boss so he can listen to it.” “Okay,” I bowed and left the recording room, headed for the boss’s office. On the way, I went by the classroom and found VIXX being tested in English. I couldn’t help but listen a bit to see how they were doing. I tried to teach them a variety of subjects and not stick to just general things like colors. They were doing pretty well, if I did say so myself. “You should not eavesdrop.” I jumped and spinned around to see the boss standing there with a raised eyebrow. I bowed, “I apologize, I didn’t mean to be rude. I was bringing this to you.” “Ah, excellent, thank you,” he took the thumb drive, “Do you mind if I call on you from time to time to do these small tasks?” ‘That was a small task?’ I thought, resisting the urge to make a face. “Will I get paid extra?” I grinned playfully. “Yes. A bit. It is outside of the contract for which you were hired, and therefore is extra work, so you will get paid a little extra.” “Oh…okay. Thank you,” I was surprised at how serious he was. “I’ll listen to this, you are dismissed for today.” “Yes sir,” I watched him head back in the direction of his office, taking the thumb drive. I wondered if I could stay and check on VIXX, but decided it wouldn’t be good to get caught twice, just in case. So, for now, I’d head home and work on Daesung’s scarf.





I love KPOP. It has taken over my life. That is all you need to know. Lol.
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