Okay, so this card will be about RapMons 'Do You' I'm pretty sure you know it, and if you don't, I totally encourage you to listen to it. I chose this song because it has a good beat, and I really like the lyrics. What I got from it, (even if it probably isn't what it means) do you. Be yourself, who else but you can be you? Anyone can try to be like you, but you'll always be original. Don't be scared to be yourself, who will truly like you if you're trying to be someone else? Even if you like trends, that doesn't put you in one category. The M/V was released: March 19,2015 He wrote the lyrics, arranged and produced the whole thing. Length: 3:08 It's track number 2 on his RM mixtape. M/V

And this is Hangul, Romanized and English lyrics.

And just listen to the whole mixtape, I really enjoyed it, hope you do too.

Thank you for viewing my card, I hope you take a listen to 'Do You' and listen to the whole album while you're at it. It's not a waste of time I can promise you that! 😊 @PolarStarr

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