Hello everyone, I am incredible happy to be back for yet another quarter as VIXX mod, thank you@VingleEnglish for the opportunity to begin modding and to continue each quarter.

The quarter we are really gonna try to bring fun and post as much as we can! Now let me introduce the wonderful people helping me out this quarter!

Representing Leo will be@Awkwardjazzy and I!

Representing Ravi will be@Helixx and@AlexisJ15

Representing Hongbin will be@WinKonVIP and@InfinitySky

Representing Ken will be@AimeeH and@adritae

Representing Hyuk will be@xoxorittie and@turntuptae

Representing N will be@ChaErica and we are currently searching for another team member to help Erica represent N, if you have any interest please message me. A requirement for the position is that you must have a line account so you can join the group chat!


Giving everyone fun group posts will be@StefaniTre and@merryjayne13

Please look forward to information about our schedule and the taglist card. Starting today watch out for the team members introductions!!

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