Sorry guys

Sorry guys but I have to leave Vingle, I just don't have the time to keep everything up to date for everyone. I know it will be hard but school must come first But there's one more thing I have to tell you guys


APRIL FOOLS!!! Happy April Fools everyone!!! I could never leave Vingle, I met so many of you guys on this app I could never leave! Hope you all got the joke but for those who did I GOT YOU GOOD ๐Ÿ˜Š !! My Tag list Please let me know if you'd like to be added or removed. Thank you! {A} -@acduelest@AdrianDean@AidanGiannattas@AlisonGrace@Alletaire@akashilover@Analiza71@AimeBolanos@Analiza71@Anime4ife20@AnimeFreak484@AnimeLove300@animerg13@AshleyJohansen@AstonMiller@arnelli@AustinThurston@AutmnWinds {B} -@Beanerific321@Bestfluteever@BlackDragon88@BlackoutZJ@BloodStrider@brandontearss@breannemma12@BrookeVerel {C} -@CandyApple22@Captpeter@ClaudeFaustas {D} -@DiegoRubioMorfi@DomingoRamos {E} -@EmmaBone@EmilyPeacock@EmilianoMacias {F} -@FairytailLUV@fireislife {G} -@Gracielou0717 {H} -@HandsomeBacon@hikaymm {I} -@IleanaCollazo@InfinitySky@IsaacMarch {J} -@JessicaFerrier@JustinCuellar@JustinDiaz {K} -@KageTsuki040910@KarleyFrance@kell13@KingHamura@KiNg4LiFe@KrisTheFreak@kouvarisb {L}-@LCordz {M} -@MariahHatter@mayarich03@midnightskieslo@MorganAlys {N} -@Nueoc@Nyan {O} -@OTPGaLe4eva {P} -@petname83 {R }-@RachaelMacy@Riethu {S} -@SabrinadLoran@SarahMcCartney@ScarletMermaid@SimplyAwkward@snowgirl18@StefaniTre@SugaOnTop@supbro@SymoneBelcher@swegmaster {T} -@TreverMoon@TheRedWolf35@TwyStar {V} -@vKiNg4LiFe {X} -@Xgnsouls16@xroyalreisx {Y} -@YumiMiyazaki {Z} -@ZacharyStewart@ZephyrBlaze {Do Not Copy Tag List}

I love Anime, I'm obsessed with School Idols and I love to play Love Live and other mobile games.
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The Communities are great you rarely see anyone get in to an argument :)
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