Day6 Mod Support Intro Q2

Hey everyone!!! I am happy to announce that I'm Mod Support for Day6 this quarter!

During Q4 last year I was the Mod for this amazing group and I was super sad to see there wasn't a Mod last quarter. So I'm so happy they finally have a Mod again and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to help her out!

I'll be representing Wonpil again! I'll be bringing Wonpil to you every Friday! So be prepared on Friday!!

About Me:

~My name is Erica. You can call me Erica or Cha. Either is fine!

~I am 21 years old, born in 1995.

~Additionally to Day6 I've also been Madtown Moderator's but this quarter I am not a Mod.

~My favorite groups are VIXX, NCT, Pentagon, BTS, Astro, and I could literally go on forever...

~My ultimate bias is Cha Hakyeon/N from VIXX.

~Wonpil is in my top five biases, he's currently in the number three spot!

~I am also Mod support for Astro, VIXX, BAP, Pentagon, Monsta X, SF9, Victon, and Up10tion!

How Did I Get Into Day6?:

I try hard to check out every group's debut song/MV and I really like JYP's groups. So seeing a band coming out of JYP I knew I'd have to check them out! And boy was I glad I did!

How Did Wonpil Become My Day6 Biases?:

Well I didn't have a bias when Congratulations came out. Once I heard their song Out Of My Mind and heard his voice I knew my bias was him.


If you haven't already joined the Day6 Community you should!


Day6 Mod Squad:


Day6 Taglist:

@twistedPuppy@Bangtanss@AimeeH@AlenaSegura@kandle779@StefaniTre@resavalencia@AlmaRangel@EvilGenius@KarenGuerra93@aleciaLOVES@addri@cue2pal@HayleyEastman@LiyahBoon @ESwee@IsoldaPazo@VKookie47@JiyongLeo@Starbell808@DalyRomero@StephanieDuong

If you would like to be tagged or un-tagged let me know in the comments!

If your username has changed please let us know too!

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