Day6 Mod Support Intro 2017 Q2

Hello! I'm representing Jae again this quarter! I represented him back in 2016 Q4. Unfortunatly, there wasn't a mod last quarter so I wasn't able to represent our Sweg Chicken. So keep your eyes out for JaeDay's on Mondays!

How about a little about me?

-My name is MaeLyn, you can call me Mae or Mae Mae or anything really

-I'm currently 20, but I'll be 21 in June (June 26, 1996 hahaha)

-I've B.A.P's mod again, like I was last quarter

-I'm learning Korean (very slowly might I add, but I can atleast read hangul)

-My ultimate bias is Daehyun from B.A.P

-My favorite groups are:



-Block B









-Monsta X


-The way I got into Day6 is by my best friend and fellow mod support,@ChaErica, was talking about Day6 when Letting Go came out and eventually got me into them. I quickly got her back by getting her into Astro.

-Jae is my bias. I'm honestly not sure how that happened...he's such a dork..I mean...Just look at him...

Hahaha that's all. See you on Monday!


Day6 Mod Squad:


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BAP ・ VIXX ・ Hotshot ・ Astro
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