〰Best Friends〰Chapter 3

"Bye JeHan."Jade and I said heading out for class. "Bye Ladies." Jade and I walked out of the cafe heading towards class.It wasn't too far away which is good and we are going to be super early so we decided to stop for coffee at Starbucks. We walked inside ordering our usual drinks. A white peppermint mocha for me and a Carmel mocha for her.Once we got our drinks we headed over to the window table having a seat. "So what did you do last night?"Jade asked giving me a wink. "Girl.We just had dinner. Get your head out the gutter." "Bitxh yeah right you just had dinner." "True story.Girl I was not going to stay the night when I got work,class,and Jay getting me ready for practice." "Who said you had to stay the night.Get it in and leave duh." "Jade." "You'll tell me though if it happens?" "Girl I ain't telling you nothin." "Girl." "Oh looks like we are going to be late."I said looking at my phone. "We've only been here for like 10 minutes." "And look how time flys." I got up grabbing my things and walked out with her following behind. "Ashley." "Jade." "Stop walking so fast." I slowed down and waited for her to catch up and headed towards class. We sat down taking our books out and waiting for the class to start. We got here a little early. I get a text from Jay. JayJay:Hey.I know you got class, but tonight you can start practicing. You can use the office. Me: ok 👍🏽 "Who was that?" "Jay texted me about starting practice tonight after class." "Can I come?" "Why?" "Support duh." "Yeah sure." "Yay."

~Practice~ I walked into the office with Jade setting our stuff on the couch. I walked over to the speakers plugging my phone in playing Pon Ya Body by Carlito Olivero just to warm up,but I need to change. I grabbed my practice close and walked into Cha Cha's room changing.

I walked out and see Z.Sun talking to Jade.I hope she is here to help me. "Hi."I said getting their attention. "Hi Ashley.Jay told me to come and help you start learning the dances." "Thank you." "We will start on Me Like Yuh." "Ok." She played the song showing me our part of the dance. "Okay.Lets begin.5,6,7,8." We began going over each step which helps.Girl I was scared I had to learn this all by myself before I stepped into the actual practice with them.Damn I'm so excited! It started getting late and we all were tired. Work,Class,and practice. I was ready to shower and hit the bed. Z and I went over the dance a few more times then called it quits. We hugged bye and I headed our separate ways. "I recorded the dance so you can keep going over it."Jade said handing over my phone. "Oh snap.I didn't think about that." "See that's why you gotta keep me around." "Ain't that the truth." "Girl I know you tired but I am starving." "Same.Lets get some jjajjamyun." "I'm down. Comment,❤️,📎!! Hope you enjoyed:) 💋BBMG SQUAD💋@MarrickeJ33@BBxGD @xroyalreisx@LocoForJiYong 💯Won Squad💯@BBxGD@royalpandajedi@PrettieeEmm@MelissaGarza@Starbell808@MaelstromVIP@SashaKmseoul@FromBlue2U@Namjoonsbutt SimonNation: @LiyahBoon@AlenaSegura@Airess95@Caky@EvilGenius@IsoldaPazo@JohnEvans@SimplyAwkward@Tabili@VeronicaArtino Tag List!@EliseB@LizaNightshade@BrianaSmalls@AimeeH@kpopandkimchi@shellyfuentes70@megancurrent9 @Sailynn@BekiKunstman@Annaharris1989@AraceliJimenez@catchyacrayon@PassTheSuga@JamiMilsap@MissT615@LinnyOk@resavalencia@3SecondsOfHope@petname83@VatcheeAfandi99@RebeccaLondon @twistedlove@amobigbang@lovetop@Ambie@LysetteMartinez@sarahdarwish@MelissaGarza@SatinSkies@MzDawson31508@luna1171@lilbr0wneyes@jessicaacosta90@katyng52@exolover101@yaya12@BreeMassey@Starbell808@FromBlue2U@TiffanyDixon@chenisbaekasy@tiffany1922@YviLole15

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