I'm back! Fan Fiction Mod Support Intro


If you hadn't guessed,@Bangtanss has allowed me to return as part of her mod squad for this quarter in the Fan Fiction community. Last quarter I had some... technical difficulties.


Thankfully, it seems like I am able to post and read cards again! I'm looking forward to having lots of fun this quarter. Bring on the stories! ❖>>Fan Fiction Squad!@Bangtanss@fallchild@geekywriterabby@merryjayne13@MissMinYoongi ❖>>BLAZE FANFICTION TAGLIST@ChristinaUlrich@jademarie4567@Jaerinn@jiminakpop@KenyaMendoza@StefaniTre@VeronicaArtino@Insfired@selfishmachines@EvilGenius@SNBlackRose@AbbyRoscoe@miruchii@JaxomB@MelissaGarza@QueenPandaBunny@KDramaKPop1015@MissMinYoongi

I'm beginning to think that my favorite genre of music is "men who have unusual taste in clothing, wear more makeup than I do, and appear to never age" because that's about all that my favorite bands have in common.
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