One False Move Part 5

The doorbell rang around 5:00 that night. You open the door to see Yoochun and Junsu standing there with their bags.

“Guys, have you not even gone home yet?”

“No we wanted to check on you first. Can we come in?”

Opening the door wider, you allow them entrance. They leave their shoes and bags at the door, then each turn and give you a hug.

“You are fine? Really?”

“I am guys, thanks for worrying. I’m just confused. His actions don’t make any sense to me.”

“What doesn’t make sense?” Junsu asked, “You’re a girl and he’s a guy. He obviously likes you.”

You shake your head with a frown. “No. Guys and girls can be friends without wanting to date each other or having stronger feelings. I should know, I’m the queen of the friend zone.”

Yoochun leans forward and takes your hands in his, “You don’t know him like we do. Yeah, he’s a player, not necessarily a bad thing in our world. The fact that he’s spent so much time with you and NOT made a move, says a lot to us.”

You laugh, “It says nothing to me except that he is not interested in that way.” You hold your hand up when they try to talk again. “No, stop guys. It’s nice that you want to build my ego but it isn’t necessary. I’m good with us just being friends and I thought he was too, that’s why his actions confuse me.”

They look at each other and back at you, “Now we are confused.”

You smile, “I told him from the beginning I knew we wouldn’t ever be anything but friends and I don’t expect anything more. He’s never shown any interest, never tried anything.” You take a breath, “I asked him why after he kissed me. All he said was, ‘To prove that the NOT girl is NOT theirs.’ That doesn’t sound like he’s wanting more; it sounds like he’s jealous of our friendship.”

Jaejoong had his hand raised to knock on the door when he heard voices inside. He stood there for a minute, just listening. Is he jealous of her relationship with his brothers? Yeah, he is. The real reason for his actions hit him and he backs up to stand against the opposite wall. Is she really that oblivious that she hasn’t seen ANY of his attempts to get closer? At Junsu’s laugh, he straightens up, enough is enough.

A sudden knock at the door turns all three heads. You recognize the knock and are confused.

“Are you expecting someone? Want me to get it?” Yoochun asks as he starts to get up.

You wave him back to his seat. “No, that’s okay. I got it.”

You take a deep breath; rub your hands on your jeans and head to who you know is on the other side of the door. Whether you’re ready to face him or not, you've now run out of time.


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