hopeful instinct

I know im crazy, done did it, and ive gone mad. I saw a face i can't forget, i don't know her name and it makes me sad. She carries herself with much class and tremendous elegance. The depth and beauty of her dark eyes, with a quick sparkle insinuates impressive intelligence. I drive and i work, i cant tell if she makes my day and the road longer or shorter. So many miles pass, im inobservant, and i cant wait to return and see if i may find her. A beautiful stranger she is. I want to hear her voice and inquire of her name. If im so blessed, may our hopes and our dreams be at least close to the same. Intuition, tell her heart to wait. God, may her forgiveness be preemptive, bridging my broken way from here where i am to a good place in her heart. Sign and seal for us a Holy fate.

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