{MCM} Long Hair Edition: Itachi | Zen! 🖤

Hey there! We're back for another awesome quarter in the anime community! It's Monday, and you know what that means: Man crush Monday! This week, we're kicking it off with our long haired man crushes, so show off those luscious locks!

Itachi Uchiha - Naruto

I had a number of man crushes to fit this theme, but I think Itachi takes the cake! He's handsome, a talented genius, and a true hero. His situation wouldn't allow him to really maintain good meaningful relationships, but I'd like to think that, given different circumstances, he would have made a great boyfriend, husband, and I'm sure an amazing father! He was a great man who deserved to live a happy life!

I so wish he could have been there for Sasuke all his life! I mean, I guess in a way he was, but you know what I mean!

Okay, I couldn't resist double featuring this week! Technically this second man crush is a character from a Korean game, so he's not really anime or even Japanese, but I'm really emotionally attached to him right now, and he satisfies the theme, so I had to!

Zen, aka Hyun Ryu - Mystic Messenger

After spending a week clearing the April Fool's special, I have some major Zen cravings (why do we have to be in different dimensions? Why!?!?!? T_T)! On the surface, he's a narcissistic pretty boy - or so I thought at first - but it turns out he's actually super sweet, caring, passionate, protective, and even kinda humble! I honestly think he might be the perfect man, like he says, if only he wasn't so damn full of himself!

I prefer to think of him as the protective big brother character, but whatever makes your penguin fly, I guess!


*Jumin route spoiler*

PS: yes, I may also have a bit of a thing for red eyes...

So share your man crush with luscious locks with us!

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