when i saw you for the first time,i couldn't believe my eyes you were More beautiful then i had ever imagined. it took me awhile before i could look you in the eyes because i was afraid that if i blinked you would dissapear as if in a dream, i kept thinking shes to good to be true. i took one look into your eyes and my heart melted. you captured my soul in such a way i lost my words and my hands were shaking.

we drove to the movie theatre to watch a movie and ended up talking for 3 hours outside the movie theatre totally forgetting about the movie i got lost in you're words. we talked about anything and everything and it felt like minutes to me.

that was our first date.

i wanted that day to last a lifetime it was the best week i have had since moving here.

is hard to believe one person can make you feel so happy and im glad that person was her.

if you like my work follow me I'm a northbrook high school senoir poet/writer
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