Caged Inside Of You (14 장)


Her body ached terribly as she walked up the steps. She collapsed thinking she wasn't going to make it. The knife wound the manager had managed to give her in his struggle, was stinging like hell.

She pulled herself up and continued on. Every step getting heavier and heavier. She kept telling herself, she did what she had to, it was self defense. He wouldn't stop, he kept coming at her. She had to protected herself...

The hallway was long and treacherous, she slid along the wall, hoping no one comes out and finds her in this condition. When she got to her door, she reached into her back pocket and remembered her keys were lost. She had looked everywhere for them. Even in the manager's office and car.

That security guard was no help. Crying and swearing on his life he was only told to help bring her there and to feed her. That he didn't know the manager was planning kill her. Big and dumb. She called someone and had asked a big favor. When they arrived, they had scared security guard enough to keep his mouth shut and made him help them erase the cameras and damage the system to make it look like it was a professional job.

For a good price or even for a solid favor, they'll do anything. She was thinking, she should have paid them. There's no telling what favor they'll ask in return.

She turned the doorknob, wishing for it to open. She thought about asking the landlord but she knew she couldn't have her nosy landlord involved. She scratched at the door, on the verge of tears when the door opened suddenly.

She stared up into the face of an angel. She thought for a second that maybe she had died and that her coming home was just some delusion her mind made up to comfort her dying body. She dropped to her knees, wrapping her arms around her angels waist.

“You're here to take me the rest of the way. Either to heaven or hell, I don't care, so long it's you taking me. I will follow you anywhere.” she said with tears streaming down her face.

He picked her up and carried her inside.

After a few minutes of lying on her bed, she felt a cool rag on her forehead and someone crying next to her as they wiped her arms and hands.

“Where have you been? You've been gone for almost two days, I didn't know who to call,” His pouty little voice squeaked through his own tears, “Who did this to you?” She felt him jump over her, examining her wound through the hole in her pants leg. Then he jumped off the bed.

“baby... don't cry… I'm so tired… he wouldn't stop...” she mumbled, her eyes were closing to go to sleep. She could hear him talking but not to her.

“No, just get here fast. I need your help…. No, NO! Don't tell anyone!... I don't care... then bring him if you think he can help” He said and hung up.

He unbuttoned her pants and pulled them off carefully. She yelped in pain, grabbing her leg, rolling over onto her side and biting into the pillow. He wiped his tears away and pulled her back over. He put a pillow under her leg and started cleaning the wound. Carefully he bandaged it, watching her face to see if he was causing her pain but she had passed out. He laid down next to her, pulling her into his arms, kissing her repeatedly all over.

“I'm going to get whoever did this to you… I swear I'll make them pay.”

Caged Inside Of You (15 장)


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