flower boy next door chapter 4

Hoseok pov

I was about to go see what was taking noona so long when I hears the doorbell

‘I thought she was bringing heavy things? I guess she was being was joking about it’

I opened the door and asked why she didn't called but stopped halfway when I saw HER there. Standing next to noona. I was too surprise to see her there that I didn't realized that unni was talking to me until she waved a hand in front of my face

“Hoseok oppa what are you doing staring there. Help her with the thing would you”

“Uh..... Oh….. Umm sorry let me help you with that” I said grabbing her hands instead of the things. I looked up at her and our eye locked on each other. I wish time could had stopped so I could look at her more

“Would you like to stay for dinner y/n-shi. Hoseok oppa cooked. He's not the best at it like my best friend but the food is eatable” said noona making y/n laugh

‘How can someone be this cute and hot at the same time. I hope she can stay maybe we can friends make her fall for me’

“Sorry I wish I could stay but I have to go” she said looking down shy and playing with her fingers

‘Too cute. I can't let her leave already. Think, think hoseok’

“Ah that's right your boyfriend must be waiting I get it well maybe next time right oppa?”


‘no don't go stay please’ ‘what are you doing paboo. She'll probably think you're a creep let her hand go’

“Oppa that's called sexual harassment you know” said noona

“I-I -I'm sorry” I said letting her hands go “but are you sure you can't stay just for a little bit” I said with a sad tone


“Maybe just for a little bit. If you don't mind me staying after I said no Jessica-shi”

“No not at all. If you want you can let your boyfriend know where you are so he doesn't get worried” said noona walking to the kitchen

“He's….. Ok” she said standing up and calling someone

“Unni I won't be eating with you guys. I'll be next door if you need anything…. Yeah ok….. Don't worry I will…. Ok…. Take your medicine ok. Ok bye….. Oh wait tell jimin to stay away from my room I don't want to go home and find him sleeping on my bed. Ok see you in a bit”

‘She really has someone else already’

“Sorry. My roommate is sick and her brother came to look after”

“Your boyfriend?”

“Huh? No he's not my boyfriend. He's just a friend that likes to mess with my things” she said shyly

‘I still have a chance. Maybe my last chance I need to take this seriously. You can do it!!’

“hmm hoseok-shi…..”


“uh there’s something on your shoulder” she said pointing to my left shoulder

I turned to see my shoulder and there sitting on my left shoulder was a spider. Staring back at me with all her eyeballs. Panic and started to move around the room screaming like crazy trying to get the spider off me. I was in so much panic that I didn’t noticed when I landed on the sofa but most importantly I landed on top y/n. we were in a position that if unni were to walk on us she might get the wrong idea. we locked eyes and stayed like that until she spoke

“H-hoseok-shi um…”

“Is it on me again?” I said scared for my life “take it off, take it off please”

“o-ok” she said flicking the spider away and giving me a smile letting me know it was off me. I let out the air I didn’t I was holding in and just relaxed my body on the sofa

“Hoseok-shi I can’t breath”


“Can you get off me please I can’t breath and you’re a bit heavy for me” she said from underneath me

“OH MY GOD!!! I'm sorry I didn’t know I was on top of you” I said getting off of her

“it’s ok don’t worry it’s just that….”

“what????? The spider again?” I said getting closer to her scared

“No it’s just that your reaction right now was priceless *laughing*”

I laughed awkwardly scratching the back of my neck. After that little incident I felt like we got a step closer to each other. We made small talk until noona called us to eat. We ate, talked and joked

“Thank you for the food it was really good hoseok-shi”

“You think so?”

“Yeah the best I've had in a while”

“That's good. I'm glad you liked it”

“I'm still here you know” said noona “you don't have to be so formal you know y/n. We're friends now. You can call me unni”

‘This is my chance to get to call me oppa!! oppa!!

“And you can call me oppa if you want” I said “we don't mind it if you called us that way right noona?”

“Yeah it makes us feel less old (^-^)”

“Ok Jessi- I mean unni” she said

“Now me!!” I said out loud without noticing

‘Crap!! Why did I do that for?’

“O-oppa” she said shyly “hoseok oppa”

‘O-oppa she called me oppa!!! YESSSS SHE CALLED ME OPPA ヽ (´▽`)/’

“Sorry I shouldn't had said it like that I-”

“NO!! I mean don't worry it's ok. You can keep calling me oppa… If it's ok with you?” I said

‘she said it again (^∇^)’

“Unni do you mind if I ask you something?”

“Yeah go ahead”

“I know I'm stepping out of line bit I've been wondering why do you each other oppa and unni?”

“Oh that's because she likes to make people think she's younger than me but she's actually older than me. She just likes to confused people on whose younger in this relationship” I said

But once I said this, her beautiful smile fell. She suddenly got up and said she had to leave

“It's late I should get going. Thank you for the food. Good night unni, good night hoseok-shi”

‘Hoseok-shi…? What happened with calling me oppa?’

And with that she left.

“Oppa do you think if I ask her to be in your partner in the wedding she'll do it?”


“You said that if I find someone that can get along with you you'll be in the wedding. So I was wondering if she'll do it. You think I'll should ask her”

“What makes you think that?”

“I'm not blind hoseok I saw the way you looked at her. Shit you even forgot I was here and only talked to her. Is she the reason you stayed here because I remember you saying you didn't want to be forced to live in a place you didn't want to. But when mom and dad said you could move you said you'll stay because you found something interesting about this place”

“What!!!?? I… Ofnfjdn no” I said nervously

“Yeah ok. I'll ask her tomorrow anyways. Night hoseok”

“What?? Who's going to clean all this mess” I said looking at the kitchen's sink

“Night hoseok don't stay up to late”

‘She's always like this. Always leaving me the hard work. But on the bright side I got to talk to her. And hopefully this won't be the last time’

After cleaning everything up I went to bed and called it a day

I hope this chapter is somewhat better than the last one.

please let me know what you think about this and please be honest i would be really happy if you do thank you ^_^

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