The Heirs Episode 7 Preview with Eng Translations

I can see that from this episode a love triangle involving YD. Kim Tan and Eun Sang will start to develop.. Let us see how Kim Tan will protect his love for Eun Sang. Eng Translations: Preview for Episode 7: R: What are we taking? Esther: A family photo. YD: I may not be able to break up the engagement, but I can break up the photo shoot. R: I am a crazy b**tch for believing you. YD: You’re going to get curse stains on your expensive dress. JS: We’re very sorry. YD: I’m not going to press charges. Don’t worry. JS: If you’re going to do this, transfer to another school. Yoon: Why did you send ES to Jeguk High? Dad: She will be told by a hundred people why she shouldn’t keep Tan close to her. ES to Tan: Hello (in formal speak.) Tan: Are you rebelling? MS: What have you been thinking about? YD: Cha Eun Sang. MS: Why are you thinking about the upstart (nouveau rich)? YD: I’m also thinking about why I would be thinking about that upstart. Tan: How many times do I have to tell you to be careful of Choi Young Do?! ES: He said he wanted to protect me. Tan: That’s a threat. That is! cr:

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