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Hi, EXO community! I'm Meredith and I'll be joining the EXO community mod support team for this quarter; thank you for the chance to be part of this,@tigerlily84! This card is for anyone who wants to know a bit about me.

I'm 30 and live a pretty quiet life with my son (he's 11). The collage above has a few photos from my phone so you can my face and a few snapshots of things in my life: a love of nature, travel, the ocean, food.

Two other things I love are music, which is why I previously went to school for audio engineering and interned in a recording studio, and books, which is why I now work in a library.


Of course, I don't have nearly enough time for reading because when I'm not at work I'm busy with boring responsibilities


homeschooling my son

or my current hobby/obsession, learning Mandarin Chinese (traditional) and, only as of recently, Korean.

Moving on to the important stuff: EXO!

I only discovered kpop and EXO in the fall of 2015. Before that I had zero interest in pop music, with the exception of a little Taiwanese music. I grew up on rock/punk/hardcore music and my favorite non-kpop band is AFI. If you want to read more about how I ended up discovering kpop or, in hindsight, the moment when my bias became my bias, you can check out this card I posted a while ago https://www.vingle.net/posts/1428489 (heads up: it involves a lot of crying).

My bias, of course, is Xiumin.


His awkward fidgetiness and silliness always make me smile


and his voice is the auditory equivalent of being wrapped up in a warm, soft blanket while sipping hot cocoa from your favorite mug.

Okay, this card is way too long already. I look forward to having fun in the EXO community this quarter!

I'm beginning to think that my favorite genre of music is "men who have unusual taste in clothing, wear more makeup than I do, and appear to never age" because that's about all that my favorite bands have in common.
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