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Chapter 13

Jackson opened his eyes slowly, and raised his hand to block the bright light blinding him. He felt the cold floor under his body feeling confused as to were he was. He quickly stood up as the realization finally hit him. He looked around to find himself in a dank room. He saw the door and ran towards it. He tried to open it but to no avail. The door was a reinforced steel door, God knows how thick it was. He examined the room and saw what looked like scratches on the wall. It looked like he wasn't the first guest of this room and he could tell by the marks left all around the room this wasn't an ordinary cell. This was a cell that seemed to be specifically designed to contain someone like him. He knew that his efforts to get out of this place would be futile. "Damn it!" He cursed under his breath throwing a punch at the wall his fist making a barely visible crack on the concrete. Had Nara planned this? Had she betrayed him even more? No, he shook his head in disbelief. He tried to recall what had happened and remembered watching Nara fighting someone before he completely lose consciousness. "Who was that?" "You're awake?" A voice came from the barely, visible speaker placed above his cell. Jackson looked up and noticed the camera next to it. Someone was watching him. That voice seemed familiar but he couldn't place it. "Sorry for the accommodations but we can't run the risk of you running out on us." The bastard said through the speaker. "Who are you?!" Jackson finally blurted out the tinge of rage visible in his voice. "Wow, I'm surprised you asked." He said condescendingly. "I feel a little hurt knowing that I didn't make an impression on you." He said chuckling over the speakers. Jackson clenched his fists so hard he felt his own nails sinking deep in the palm of his hands. He could feel the change starting to occur but he fought it back not allowing himself to show that bastard the effect he was having on him. "Yoo Hyun" he whispered. He thought he had imagined him standing over him but know it was clear to him that it hadn't been his imagination. "Yes, like I said sorry for the accommodations but... Well, you understand, right? You aren't exactly normal." "Where is Nara?" Jackson said looking directly at the camera. "Oh, she's fine." Yoo Hyun said dismissing him. "Don't worry about her, she wasn't exactly cooperative but I wouldn't hurt my fiancΓ©e would I?" He said taunting Jackson. "Your fiancΓ©e?" Jackson asked feeling the pain in his chest. "Oh? She didn't tell you about us?" Yoo Hyun laughed the mocking tone evident in his laughter. "Well, I guess that's one more thing she didn't tell you." Jackson clenched his fists angrier than before. Just imagining Nara next to that guy made his stomach seethe with disgust but if Jackson was good at something it was at knowing how to get back at people, "I guess she thought you weren't worthy enough for me to know about you." Jackson could hear clearly through the speaker Yoo Hyun's fists being slammed in the desk. A normal person wouldn't have being able to pick up that sound but Jackson was anything but normal. "That's cute, to think that you're important enough for her to confide in you," Yoo Hyun said trying to feign composure. "Oh, I am gonna have fun dissecting you." Jackson smiled when he heard the clicking sound of the speaker being turned off. He wasn't getting out of here at the moment but getting under Yoo Hyun's skin was more than enough for now.

Nara paced back and forth in her cell her nervousness evident in each step she took. Once again she walked towards the door cell and grabbed the cold bars with her hands. "Damn it!" She cursed under her breath. No one had come to check on her since they dumped her in the cell. "Just what the hell is Yoo Hyun doing?" She heard the door to the section she was being held in being open. "Hello? Is anyone there?" Yoo Hyun came slowly into view stopping a few steps away from the door. "How are you doing?" He asked putting his arms in his pockets. "You bastard! What the hell is the meaning of this!?" Nara said trying to shake the door's steel bars in her hands. "Sorry for the treatment but this is for your own good." "My own good? How is being locked up in a cell for my own good!?" "Listen, I know how you're feeling but we couldn't let you go and ruin the mission." "Where is Jackson!? What did you do to him?" Nara asked reeling. "Why wasn't I informed of this "mission"? I'm his handler why didn't the elders mention any of this!?" Yoo Hyun crossed his arms, "Well the elders are a little indisposed at the moment." "What do you mean? You said they had to talk to me. I was supposed to meet them an hour ago!" "Well, not exactly." Yoo Hyun said. "What?" Yoo Hyun sighed, "I made it all up." "What!?" "I needed you away from him to make sure you weren't hurt when we were handling him." "Just who's authorized this mission!" Nara asked knowing full well she wasn't gonna like the answer. Yoo Hyun smiled proudly, "I did. I'm in charge now."


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