Monsta X 2.5 Beautiful: Brilliant version

So I preordered my second MX album way back in March. Got it by a week after it was released. Decided now to upload how it looks, heh.

Was pretty bummed out that it didn't have glitter Minhyuk but, it's still a beautiful album!

Since I preordered from Choice Music here in KTown LA, I got some freebies!

All the pictures look amazing! Especially ShowBear, since he is my bias wrecker (he may or may not look like the actor Jisoo). Changkyun looks breathtaking! Way to go future husband.

This was a little different than I am used to, since photobooks are books. Not flashcard looking things. Still I like it, makes it easier to appreciate their ethereal looks.

Jooheon even if I could read Hangul, yours is just too messy. Really close too but I will decipher it heh.
The lyrics book and the preorder gift my Kihyun transparent photocard.
Choice Music prepared these photocards for it's preorders
Member poster, I got that Wonhoe!! Heh. The group poster is just like the sticker, nothing else heh.

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