{WW} Shima Nishina/Akane Tsunemori

Okay, so, this week I'm stealing@OtakuDemon10's idea of double- featuring. I simply cannot choose between these two lovely ladies. Giving up one for the other was just too painful to bear.

This week, my choice(s) for Waifu Wednesday are Shima Nishina of Kiss Him, Not Me, as well as yet another Psycho-Pass star, none other than the protagonist herself, Akane Tsunemori!


First, Nishina-- I chose her mainly because she kind of reminds me of myself in some ways. We have a few things in common, and I relate to her. And I love her personality-- cool, but sweet, and unafraid to show her love for some yaoi smexy.

Next, my girl Akane... I chose her for her courage, dedication, resolve, confidence, caring, and ingenuity. She's an inspiring character, one I look up to. (And she's totally adorable. Lest I forget that.)

Tagging (with one missing because it's all the way up there ^^ ):@AimeBolanos@AmazingAshley

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