😂Random BTS Scenarios: Yoonmin Edition😂


Yup... I'm Back With Another One lol

This WasWas Supposed To Be A Min Yoongi Edition... But I Wrote More Yoonmin So.....

I'm Sorry xD




Yoongi: *sighs* "I Really Need To Get To Work.."

Jimin: [Clings To Yoongi's Leg]

Jimin: *whinnying* "But...But I'll Be Lonely Again~"

Yoongi: "Just Do What You Normally Do When I'm Gone"

Jimin: *sniffles* "Well, There's One Thing"

Yoongi: "& What's That?"

Jimin: *bursts into tears* "Wait For You To Come Back~" ❤

A/N: this is just...... iM EMOTIONAL DONT TOUCH ME


A/N: Turned Out Longer Than I Thought I'm Sorry

[Jungkook Looking Through Police Files]

Jungkook: "Says Here You've Been Killing Thousands Of ARMY Since Debut.."

Jimin: *fumbles with fingers* "Yeah..."

Jungkook: "You Know What That Means ; You'll Be In Prison For A Long Time"

Jimin: "How Long?"

Yoongi: "20 Years To Life"

Jimin: "Wha~ Is There Anything I Could Do To Reduce My Sentence~?"

[Jimin Eye Smile™]

Jungkook: "Nice Try, But That's Not Gonna-"

Yoongi: "You're Free" [Unlocks Jimin's Handcuffs]

Jimin: "Thanks Officer~❤" *skips away*


Jungkook: ".....oh what the hell Hyung....."



Jimin: "C'mon, It's Time To Wake Up.."

Yoongi: *doesn't respond*

Jimin: *annoyed* "Whatever..."

Yoongi: [Pulls Jimin Back Down Into The Bed, Holding Him Tight]

Yoongi: "Shut Up & Sleep"

Jimin: *flustered*

A/N: I was hollering the first time I wrote this xD



Jimin: ( ̄ε ̄)

*Yoongi Pokes His Cheeks*

Jimin: (・ε・; )

A/N: I don't even know xD ❤



[Jimin & Yoongi Walking In A Crowded Area]

Jimin: *Fears lossing Yoongi*

[Tightly Grips Yoongi's Sleeve & Leans His Head Against His Back]

A/N: am i done yet *internally screaming*



Jungkook: *drops phone*

Jungkook: "Can You Get That For Me Hyung?"

Yoongi: "TF I Look Like... Your Slave?"

Jimin: *drops phone*

Jimin: "Can You-"

Yoongi: *catches it before it even touches the ground*



I Think That's Enough Yoonmin For Today xD

Writing This Made Me Ship Them More Than I Already Did lol ❤


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