Q2 Mod Intro!!(Infinite Edition!)

Hello Inspirits! First off I'd like to thank@Lemonlassie for letting me run with Infinite once again!! *bows* Next I'll be representing the Aegyo and Heart Prince himself, Nam Woohyun. We are coming back Tuesdays so be prepared for what's in store this quarter! Off we go to the introductions~!

*hides face* The picture above is me in case I ever get lost *blushes* A little about me.

-I'm 28 years old studying to get her cna (certified nursing assistant).

-I'm going back to college in fall

-I'm a guitarist and music is a Big part of my life

- I'm a gamer

- I'm open minded

- I'm shy and quiet at first, but over time I'm very talkative!

-Ask anything. I love talking to others!!

- I'm multifandom!

- I'm support and unofficial support to Vixx, Infinite, Victon, Pentagon, Cross Gene, Twice, Seventeen, and Shinhwa

Enough of me though ^^"" Off to know Woohyun!


-His full name is Nam Woohyun.

-He was born on February 08, 1991.

-He is the youngest child.

-He has one older brother who is two years older than him, Nam Boohyun.

-His birthplace is Chungcheong.

-His zodiac sign is Aquarius and his blood type is B.

-His height is around 176cm.

-He is the main vocalist in Infinite along with Sunggyu.

-He had his first love when he was in the 11th grade.

-Weight training, cooking, skiing and playing tennis are his hobbies.

-He joined Woollim Entertainment in May 2009.

-His specialty is in cooking and vocal imitation.

-He has a sensitive sleeping pattern.

-His passion is music.

-He loves to eat.

-His favorite colors are red, pink and black.

-He is a bolmae.

-He enjoys eating tuna sushi.

-Woohyun is claustrophobic.

-He passed the audition by singing Stevie Wonder’s “Lately”.

-He used to be a teen model while L was in a KBS2TV drama, “God of Study”.

-He chose Stevie Wonder as his hero among all singers.

-His parent’s were not happy with his decision of becoming an idol, but he works very hard to show them his passion.

-He wants to learn how to appear well in variety shows from MC Yoo Jaesuk.

-He wants to learn to play the piano.

-He has broad shoulders while the other members don’t. 

-In Infinite, he has the best imitation skills.

-He is confident at imitating Ha Dongkyun Sunbaenim and MC Mong Sunbaenim.

-He is really good at “Cham-Cham-Cham”.

-He has participated at the 6th “Hello Star” Competition.

-He is the most self-confident member in the group.

-He loves Epik High’s “Run” and Musiq Soulchild’s “If You Leave”.

-Something that he does before sleeping is sending a text message to his parents.

-His favorite soccer player is Lee Donggook.

-He would’ve become an athlete if he wasn’t an idol, because in elementary school, he was a soccer player.

-He gave up because he didn’t have much stamina.

-If he wasn’t a singer, he would’ve become an athlete or a chef because he’s good at cooking.

-He knows a lot of ways to gain muscles.

-If he gets a chance, he wants to earn the privilege to become a personal trainer.

-He began to take interest in cooking while watching his mother cook.

-Woohyun asked a lot of questions and helped his mom in cooking growing up.

-He seems to be the best cook in Infinite.

-He is the Chef in Infinite’s Dorm.

-Sunggyu is the closest member to him.

-His ideal type person is someone who is a steady person, has a pretty smile, looks good in glasses, someone who doesn’t change for him and someone who eats well what he cooks for her.

-He is considered to be the most conceited in the group. 

-The most deeply inspiring moment in his life was when their first debut stage.

-He always thinks that there isn’t a thing that he didn’t try in order for him to do his best.

-He thinks that in the YAMO ero, he was a completely different person. His bangs looked weird, he was chubby, and his skin wasn’t great.

-He has a habit of lying.

-He is really sensitive towards Sungyeol’s snoring.

-He wants to have a super power, so he can save people from illnesses.

-Hoya is scared of being alone with Woohyun.

-He picked Orange Caramel as the girl group he wants to appear on “We Got Married” with.

-His past events are precious memories to him.

-He has been told he looks like Daesung, Yoon Si Yoon and Baek Sunghyun.

-He thinks his eyes appear too small in photos.

-He is closest to Sunggyu because he doesn’t snore or have any bad sleeping habits; thus, they can sleep very close to each other.

-He thinks that Sungjong really knows how broadcasting works.

-He is starting to influence Sungjong and it worries Sunggyu.

-A thing that Sungjong dislike the most about Woohyun is when he lies.

-Woohyun thinks when SungJong dances as a man, his waves are a bit off, but when he dances like a girl, there’s a side of him that changes.

-When filming the BTD MV, the members only came to support Woohyun and Myungsoo for 30 minutes to one hour because they were recording at -17 degrees.

-Woohyun says that Sungyeol is the “furthest” from him because Sungyeol snores so he has to sleep far away from him.

-He was picked as the best at fanservice.

-He always teases Sunggyu about his lips.

-Myungsoo thinks to Woohyun is the most self-confident. And sometimes a bit conceited.

-His liver is in bad shape. So when he eats oily food, his stomach will suffer.

-When he dreams, after he wake up it’s hard to tell if it was reality or a dream. He can’t tell if he really said things or not.

-He thinks a lot and he said that thinking a lot and thinking deeply is different.

-He wants to get “a sweetest kiss” as a present on Valentine Day.

-Once, Woohyun woke up from sleep and the members found that his nose was bleeding.

-Dongwoo picked Woohyun as the best member, because of his ability to lead and bring all the members to one place.

-Both Woohyun and Sunggyu listed their eyes as their complex.

-He considers all his fans as his girlfriends

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