The Heirs Lee Min-ho Park Shin-hye, 'hush kiss' in broad daylight

In SBS Wed/Thur drama 'The Heirs(writer Kim Eunsook, director kang Shin-hyo/production Hwa & Dam Pictures)' episode 8 which will be aired on 31 will feature Lee Min-ho and Park Shin-hye's 'rooftop first kiss' under radiant sun. In this episode Kim Tan(Lee Min-ho) suddenly puts Cha Eun-sang(Park Shin-hye) into his arms who tries to get her phone. As he observes Eun-sang's sad facial expression, he begins to kiss with all his passion. This forewarns the next sexy devil passionate romantic story that will be soon developed. Lee Min-ho and Park Shin-hye's sweet 'hush kiss' scene was filmed on 27 at a highschool in Dongtan Gyeonggi-do. In a beautiful sunny day, the two came on set and seriously discussed about the upcoming kissing scene for the first time. Although the two were so close that they always made fun with each other, on this day, they were different. In advance rehearsal they checked their angle and movement looking shy. They showed slight tension when they started the shoot by taking a deep breath. Especially in this scene, Tan will be aggressively showing his feelings for Eun-sang by kissing her. They were able to come up with a heart fluttering and romantic kissing scene after three hours of shooting. Lee Min-sho suddenly kiss Park Shin-hye who was going to get her phone call. In this so-called 'hush kiss' Lee Min-ho shows off his manly appeal with a passionate kiss when Park Shin-hye shudders while she close her eyes. Staffs were awed by their chemistry and said "I thought my heart stopped when I saw the scene. They are the new ultimate romantic couple!" Park Shin-hye stated, "I think this will be a turning point for Tan and Eun-sang and it came out well. I hope you look forward to how Eun-sang will overcome Kingdom highschool life." Meanwhile, in episode 6 Cha Eun-sang(park Shin-hye) disguised as parvenu by Kim Tan's(Lee Min-ho) help. Choi Young-do caught her delivering chicken and he starts to question why an earth a parvenu need to do part time job. Eventually he got her phone number. Afterwards he again finds her asleep infront of the convenience store table. when he was about to wake her Kim Tan call him from across the street. Lee Min-ho, Park Shin-hye, Kim Woo-bin's triangle love is arousing more curiosity. 'The Heirs' episode 7 will be aired on 30 afternoon.

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