Bite Me | A Park Jimin Fanfiction (Ch. 4)

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Need a recap? Or new to the series? I gotchu~Need a recap? Or new to the series? I gotchu~

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Day 1 | Civil

"D-Don't make me shoot!" The mysterious man yelled.

We all kind of froze in that moment, not knowing what to do. My father was the first one to move.

"Let's just stay calm alright?" He suggested, inching closer to the mysterious man. "No one has to get hurt. If you just want to lower the gun boy, then we can talk about this." The man seemed hesitant at first, not trusting the strangers before him. But after seeing the little kids and Jimin and I, I think he believed that we were harmless.

He slowly lowered the gun, making us all breath a sigh of relief.

"Alright then," My father spoke. "Now, I would charge you for breaking and entering but in our situation right now, it wouldn't really do much." He said, make the man squirm a bit. "So let's just be civil about this alright? What's your name?" The man took awhile before answering.

"My name is Kai. This woman behind me is my girlfriend, Krystal." He answered, the girl still hiding behind his back.

"Well my name is Ho-Jun and this here is my wife, Ji-eun. These two lovely ladies here are my daughters Avri and Bomi." He introduced us. "The other family are close friends of ours. Bong-Chul, his wife Eun Min, and his two sons Jung-Yoon and Jimin." They smiled towards the two and made them feel a little more welcome.

"Is it just you two?" My father spoke. Kai nodded yes. Ho-Jun sighed. "Alright, well... You two can stay here for the night but I won't have any funny business okay?" 

"Sounds good sir," Kai answered, looking a little intimidated. 

"Good. Now, you two can take one of the rooms upstairs but first, I would like you to help us unpack. It is the least you can do after pointing a gun in our faces and breaking into our cabin." Ho-Jun was stern with his voice, clearly a father figure. They helped right away. 

They don't seem too bad, I thought. They actually seem pretty nice but we can't trust them right away because of the apocalypse rules of course. It was a list Jimin and I had made, making up these silly rules about the similarities in zombie flicks and this was one of them.

RULE NUMBER 7 - Never trust strangers

From all the movies and television that I have seen before, when the main leads trust the new people they just met, they either get robbed, stabbed, or bitten. So, using my knowledge, I am going to keep on eye on those two, at least for now.

As everyone helped unpacked, we were done within a matter of minutes and making sure to lock the doors, we all sat in the living room coming up with a plan.

So far we came up with this: 

To stay in the cabin for the next few days and wait, conserve our food, save some water, and to always be alert. 

The last thing we needed was to fall asleep and have one of those things come and attack us. As far as I can tell, you get bit, then it's the end. 

After conversing with everyone, we all then decided that it was best to get some sleep and that the adults would stay up in shifts. Jimin and I offered to help but they wanted us to get some sleep. So, considering there were only four rooms, Kai and Krystal were in one, my father and my mother were in another, Jimin's parents in the third one, and all the kids in the fourth one. 

It was tight fit with all of us in there but Jimin and I decided to let our younger siblings take the bed and us to take the floor. We set up some blankets and before we knew it, we could hear the two snoring above us. It was pretty adorable I had to say. Us on the other hand, it was much harder for us to fall asleep.

"Still awake Avri?" Jimin piped.

"Yes for the 20th time Jimin. I won't be able to fall asleep if you keep asking me that every 2 minutes." I laughed. 

"I don't even know if I will be able to fall asleep." Jimin said, his voice a little quieter than usual. "I mean...this is really happening Avri. The apocalypse, the end, whatever you want to call it. And I know our parents think it will be over in a few days but let's be real. It's not gonna end is, it?" He asked, his voice cracking at the end. I turned to face him, noticing that there were tears starting to form in his eyes. He was obviously scared and I was too but, I tried to not let it show.

"I wish I could tell you but I have no idea Jimin. I don't know what will happen but there is one thing I can tell you." I said, inching closer to him. I wrapped my arms around his body, burying my face into his chest. "We are going to get through this okay? I am not going to leave you. We are in this, together." Jimin then brought both of his arms around me as well, placing his cheek on the top of my head.

"You better not die on me Avri or so help me-"

"Ah, don't worry. You and I are the zombie experts! If anyone can make it through this we can." I laughed, thinking how stupid it was that our somewhat unhealthy hobby could keep us alive in this mess. "Now let's get some sleep okay? We are going to need it." I snuggled deeper into his chest, comforted by the sound of his breathing. "Good night Jimin." I whispered, feeling the weight of my eyelids already. He gently kissed the top of my head, closing his eyes as well in hopes to fall asleep with me.

"Good night Avri."


Here is a list of the characters again so far in case you were confused^^

Kim Avri Kim Avri 

Park JiminPark Jimin

Avri's Father - Kim Ho-JunAvri's Father - Kim Ho-Jun

Avri's Mother - Kim Ji-EunAvri's Mother - Kim Ji-Eun

Avri's Sister - Kim BomiAvri's Sister - Kim Bomi

Jimin's Father - Park Bong-ChulJimin's Father - Park Bong-Chul

Jimin's Mother - Park Eun MinJimin's Mother - Park Eun Min

Jimin's Brother - Park Jung-YoonJimin's Brother - Park Jung-Yoon

Kai (Kim Jong-In)Kai (Kim Jong-In)

Krystal (Chrystal Soo Jung)Krystal (Chrystal Soo Jung)


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