Jaejoong Is Officially Back with "WWW" Album and "Just Another Girl"

Rejoice, Jaejoong fans! The hot rocker is back with his first full-length solo album “WWW: Who, When, Why“ and the music video for title song “Just Another Girl.“ “WWW” contains 13 tracks and includes collaborations with many famous artists such as Takuro from the Japanese rock band Glay, Noel‘s Lee Sang Gon, Ha Dong Gyun, and BEAST‘s Yong Jun Hyung. He has already pre-released two tracks from the album- the fall ballad “A Sunny Day” and rock track “Butterfly“- to much success. The lyrics of “Just Another Girl” are written by Jaejoong himself. The genre of the song is post-grunge rock, and it is described as a track that will have mass appeal, blending together the hard sound of rock with the energy of punk and the lyricism of Brit pop. The music video for “Just Another Girl” uses high-speed photography technology for some of its scenes, capturing 1000 frames per second. In the video, Jaejoong portrays a dark and moody charisma supported by the unquie sets and styling.

Oh! To be ALIVE!! What a blessing!
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