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Hello everyone and welcome to the weekend!

I have come up with something very fun and exciting for everyone in the pokemon community!

Pokemon Contest!

3 Winners

Drawing Contest

I will be making a card explaining more about it and when the date it starts and when it finish. How you will enter is by email. I will be making a email for you guys to send in your drawings, since you can't send pictures here on vingle unless you post them! Theres no specific way of how to make your Pokemon Drawing, you can use your own creative mind to make it,

here are the rules!

*If you use someone else's work you will be disqualify*

The Prizes!

-These will be made by me and each one will have me on their friends list- -They will also have a Pokemon Theme to them-

1st place : Wizard101 account

*if you win first place and want me to make you a wizard than let me know and i'll send you the school options to pick from*

2nd place: Love Live! School Idol Festival game (phone app) *I will set up a account so its ready for you, and give you guyts a youtube link of how to play it*

3rd place: Toontown Rewritten!

*only your Username will have a pokemon name to, I can make you a toon but thats if only you win 3rd place*

I know these prizes aren't that exciting

But since i don't have time and money to make prizes for you guys, this is more of a fun and cheaper way for me right now, not only that you'll be able to have me a friend through these games

So what to do you guys think of this?

I hope this will be fun and exciting for you all!

My Pokemon Tag List

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