❄Winter Days❄ [Yoonmin] (Chapter 1)

As I Was Writing My Other Yoonmin Fanfic, I Thought Of This Idea For A Story & Loved It More. So I'm Discontinuing The Other One.

(sorry if you were looking forward to another chapter ;-;)

There's Nothing Too Triggering In This Story, But I Do Mention A Few Things That Can Be To Others

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Basic Summary: A Cold Hearted Doctor Falls For His Terminally Ill Patient, How Much Time Will They Have Left Before Everything Falls Apart?



"Doctor, we have another patient for you." A nurse announced before heading out the office door.

Dr. Min Yoongi sighs heavily & leans back in his chair.

"Be right there.." He says. With that, he lazily stands up from his leather chair & sticks his hands into the pockets of his long, white coat before heading out.

The nurse leads him down the hospital hallway, filled with a rather depressing vibe ; something Dr. Yoongi was used to by now.

He's seen patients come & go in both good & bad ways. But there was nothing he could do. He let that burden over his shoulders along time ago.

The nurse stops in front of the door, handing him a clipboard filled with files & Yoongi walks in: A little girl sitting on the bed, holding her​ stuffed rabbit by the ear with her face covered by a green medical mask. A typical cancer patient in his eyes.

Dr. Yoongi is used to sights like this, he's seen it countless of times there was nothing ​he could do but give the sick children false hopes that they'll get better.

But they all end the same.

Yoongi flips through the many clipped papers on his clipboard.

"Im Yoona? Is that correct?"

The girl slowly nods her head.

"I just want my daughter to be cured..." The woman silently cried into her tissue as tears continued to rush down her rosy cheeks.

"I pray... Day & night that she'll be okay. But the family​ is starting to loss hope &-" 

 "We'll take good care of her." He cuts her off.

The woman looks up at the doctor with tears still flowing down.

Time to pull the fake smile...Time to pull the fake smile...

Dr. Yoongi smiles slightly, causing his eyes to squint.

"As long as she's here, she'll be in the best care miss."

The woman weakly smiles & gets up to hold Yoongi's veiny hand.

"Thank you Doctor... I wouldn't​ know what to do without you..."

The woman walks over to her daughter & gives her a tight, loving hug as she gently pats her head while Yoongi watches, keeping the fake smile planted across his face.

It's clear she's going to die soon...It's clear she's going to die soon...


Dr. Yoongi sighs deeply as he shuts the door behind him.

"I'm so tired of this shit...." He groaned. Yoongi sits back in his office chair & looks out the window from the top floor ; it was a snowy, cold night in Seoul.

Yoongi began to daze off as he watches the snow being gently blown by the wind as it glistens from the street lights. The door randomly swings open, breaking Yoongi out of his "trance state."

"Heeey Doctor~!" One of his many co-workers barges in as he showed off his dimples as he smiled & his grape colored hair.

"You're not here to break anything, are you Namjoon?" Yoongi questioned, resting his head on his fist as watching his coworker carefully.

"No of course not, I just wanted to visit my favorite-" Dr. Namjoon leans against the coat rack & it falls, breaking as it hits the ground.

"Oops.." He says. "I can fix that, I promise-"

"What do you want..." Yoongi slightly raises his voice. Namjoon feels the anger in his voice, causing him to flinch.

Dr. Namjoon quickly shuts up & goes through his papers.

"Well, there's this one patient that needs you."

"That's new..." Yoongi says sarcastically.

"He's 21 years of age & is in need of a caregiver, especially someone to council him."

Yoongi continues to listen, not saying a word as Namjoon flips through the papers.

"It appears he has terminal cancer, he doesn't have much time left. He's been refusing to eat, having thoughts of hurting himself, & is overall being diffcult..."

Yoongi stays silent before opening his mouth.

"What's the patient's name?" 

"Park Jimin."

The snow outside began to fall faster as the wind blew harder than before.



Sorry For Making This Chapter Short & A Bit Rushed

I Tried To Establish Everything & Give You The Basic Set Up Of The Story. Plus, I Wanted To See What You All Thought Of It Before I Continue :D.

Chapter 2 Is Already Written Onto My Google Doc, I Don't Know When I'll Post It To Vingle.

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