Meet the Band ~ Pentagon

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*This is my first card in the Meet the Band series I am starting. I will do just a brief overview of the group/soloist and include a music video or performance to try to bring more attention to them. Some will be popular artists and some will be hidden gems. I hope to be able to cover one group/soloist in one card each week. I am leaving it up to fate and picking who I highlight at random. I've thought about doing this for a long time - I really hope you all enjoy it!!*

For the first week of this series, we are meeting... Pentagon!!

Pentagon debuted in October, 2016 under Cube Entertainment. The members were chosen through the reality program Pentagon Maker - 7 guys were picked for the original lineup. After a delayed debut, Cube announced that Pentagon would debut with 10 members, adding three who had been eliminated during the reality program.

The members include:

Jinho (1992) ~ Vocalist

Hui (1993) ~ Leader, Vocalist, Dancer

Hongseok (1994) ~ Vocalist

E'Dawn (1994) ~ Rapper, Dancer, Vocalist

Shinwon (1995) ~ Vocalist

Yeo One (1996) ~ Vocalist

Yan An (1996) ~ Vocalist, Visual

Yuto (1998) ~ Rapper, Vocalist

Kino (1998) ~ Dancer, Vocalist, Face of the group

Wooseok (1998) ~ Rapper, Vocalist, Maknae


Can You Feel It

I really hope you all enjoyed this, and if you have any suggestions of artists to add to my list I would love to hear them!!

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