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Hello everyone! I would like to thank@AlexisJ15 for letting me be apart of the Seventeen mod support! I will be responsible for posting about Dino and Hoshi on Saturdays!

So a little bit about me - My name is Joseline, in 15 and I'm from California - I like dancing - Food, music, anime, and my bed are my life :D - I like makeup - I am a major weirdo (Im a bit concerned lol) - Im multi fandom so I tend to have fangirl attacks lot *cries and laughs*

Lets all fangirl and fanboy together about Seventeen! 13K Team: @AlexisJ15 @AimeeH @awkwardjazzy @InfinitySky @Vkookie47 @HeichousRegalia @KaiLuhan4ever @WinKonVIP 13K Elite: @MelissaGarza @karinamiranda81 @KenyaMendoza @MaggieHolm @yehetmyohorat97 @MsLoyalHeart

Anime and KPop ruined my life, in a good way 😏 But being multi fandom is hard. You got a comeback here and a comback there and a concert there that your poor heart needs a break😔, a break to get more money to spend 😏
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