YoungJae on V Live

It's a struggle when you don't know what they're saying when there's no subs, but seeing them is really all that matters right?

They had a really long day today and had finished they're concert tonight in Washington DC. Young Jae surprised us even though he seems exhausted and really tired from a busy day!

He would mess with his hair every few seconds it was just too much πŸ˜‚β€

Look how cute he is pointing out his pimple πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

Boi you should know you look handsome even without make up!!!!

Only thing left for me to really say is.... Seeing idols' bare faces is an absolute blessing. ❀ Tags:@JarviaKlipka@ESwee@KPOPandKimchi@PassTheSuga@IsoldaPazo@KennaStarz@poojas@KwonOfAKind@SugaKookies@kpopINT@MrsJungHoseok@SokharChea@AaliyahNewbell@Choijiah@GamerKyumin@usagichan20104@jennissa711@Ivethcrisoforo@mellyortiz@Namjoonsbutt@Znae@mszmarclyne93@RTC123@NykeaKing@XDLP@MiahCisneros@rosajlm2@amberfoe@hopekookie@faith92@ArmyofKookie@GriseldaZenger@CrystalBlunt@ZeidaAlvarez@mrsjeon@Isolate@ShaneShore@MelissaGarza@Fangirl@KarenGuerra93@BangtanBurger@SharnKaur@JiselAmorsMusic@IsabellaCherry@salo@lizbethruiz617@otakukpoper@twistedPuppy@RochelleRose@luna1171@imiebegay14@InfinitySky@DustanCarpenter@cns1391

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