Sangdo Thursday

Hi, this is Suki, filling in for@MelissaGarza who is a little under the weather to bring you

We are doing mood boards for Topp Dogg, I am going to bring you some mood boards that@MelissaGarza choose for Sandgo. The first one is pictures of this lovely angel who is calm.

For the next one we have a collage of flowers. Awe look he even has one in his hair to show the beauty of flowers.

Let's see what we have next. We have board fo flower of love. This brings peace and calmness to us, just like Sangdo.

The final one shows how peaceful and calm our Sangdo is.

He is so adorable. This is all we have for this Thursday with@MelissaGarza. And@MelissaGarza, I hope you like these and I hope for you to get well soon. Until next time stay Klassy!


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