Heat 💫 (Teaser)

Hello everyone, I'm gunna try something new for my self. I am going to embed some poem form into my writing and I hope you like it


(^ That is a link to a song I like and think will fit well with this piece)


I might have been the one who flew too close to the sun

Too close to happiness

However you are the one who made these wings of wax

The ones that melted under heat

Under the pressure

Under the voices

You were afraid of what people would say

hat they were thinking

You were afraid of the fact that you didn't have control over everything and everyone

It killed you, better yet

It scorched your confidence, or should I say your ego

It was too much for you

I was too much for you

And for that you turned up the heat that melted my wings

Maria Cuellar

I really hope you guys liked it and if you use my poem [please] give me credit!

I will be taking suggestions on a kpop group that you would like this story to be around so I'll keep it open for a day as I continue to write and I'll work it in^^^


I love Kpop, Anime and food. Baekhyun is my ultimate bais
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