Bite Me | A Park Jimin Fanfiction (Ch .7)

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Need a recap? Or new to the series? I gotchu~Need a recap? Or new to the series? I gotchu~



Day 5 | Training

It had been three days since that night. We had decided that we needed to up the defenses around the cabin to make sure nothing like that happened again. We found some wire in the shed behind the cabin used to keep my dad's hunting gear and tied it around the trees.

The Walking Dead, 

We tied wire between multiple trees, making a circle around the cabin so that if something was coming from any direction, we would know about it. 

The next three days after that seemed almost nonexistent. It was like the world wasn't really ending. It felt like just a get together with friends and family.

We spent time playing games, watching movies, and learning how to shoot. It took my parents a lot of convincing to let me learn how to aim and shoot a gun. Especially my father.

"Nu-uh, no way in hell am I letting you anywhere near a gun," My father had said, walking away from the conversation. 

"Ah come on! I need to know how to use one! What if I lose my knife like last time or guns are the only thing around? It would be better-"

"The answer is still no Av. You aren't going to convince me." He said, as he sat down on the couch.

"Wae?! Jimin knows how to use one! Why can't I?" I whined, trying to persuade him with everything I had. He sat in silence, ignoring my little temper tantrum. I began to get frustrated.

"Fine! I will just go ask Jimin or someone else how to use one if you won't show me!" I walked away, not looking back when my father called out my name. He immediately ran after me and said that he would show me. I laughed internally, knowing that trick worked every single time. 

It took time to learn. I was still a beginner but after my father showing me how to aim a

shotgun and a pistol, I felt a little bit better. What I didn't expect however, was that Kai was also very skilled in guns.

While I was practicing outside, he gave me some tips and even told me to focus on the target, looking right where I want the bullet to go. He also said the key was to breathe out as I shot, as if it was some kind of magic trick that helped you aim better. And who knew, it actually worked.

I became a much better shot and I could even hit small cans from a far distance. Of course, they aren't moving targets wanting to eat me but, baby steps right?

Anyways, that was pretty much all that happened, besides a few zombies appearing. They were probably getting farther away from the city and it was very unsettling. We would still check the news everyday for any updates but by the fourth day, all news stations had stopped. All that was left was the radio from my late grandfather that my father kept in the cabin. 

We were waiting for anything - reports, calls for help, safe places to go. We just wanted to hear from other people - that is all. 

But then, on the fifth day, we started to realize something.

"Hey guys," Bong-Chul had called out, making us stop our game of Clue. "We are almost out of food." My father immediately got up and looked at what we had left and Bong-Chul was right. We only had 4 cans left and a few bars and there were 10 of us. I guess all the food had gone by faster than we thought.

"Well, it looks like we have to go find more," My father sighed thinking about the first big trip since this has all happened. He then asked who wanted to go with and immediately Bong-Chul said yes. Kai also agreed to go and surprisingly my mother, Ji-Eun. She was an actual badass, having a black belt in Taekwondo and all. She could totally handle herself and I admired her for that. My father fought it at first, wanting to keep all his family here but he was completely weak to her so when she said that she was coming and that was final, he backed off.

"Fine, fine," He said, pouting a little. "We will leave tomorrow in the morning then. Leave early enough so it will be light outside the whole time." The others quickly agreed, and the plan was in motion. I was also going to volunteer to go but with Bomi here and Jimin and his younger brother, I thought it might be better if I stayed. It will just be us kids and Krystal but hey, we can handle ourselves.

Nightfall quickly came and with the dreams of finding some good food tomorrow, I fell asleep dreaming of the foods I missed the most. Not that canned soups aren't good but come on...I just want some fried chicken. That's all I am asking for. That and everyone's safe return back tomorrow.

Everything will be fine...right? 



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