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Hello Topp Klass! It's Melissa with B-joo Tuesday! This will be the first B-joo Tuesday for the 2nd Quarter. For the first week, I'll be doing a B-joo introduction card.

Stage Name: B-Joo/비주 Real Name: Kim Byungjoo/김병주 Nicknames: N/A Birthday: January 8, 1994 Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea Blood Type: B Height: 175 cm Weight: 55 kg Position in group: Lead Dancer, Vocalist Kingdom: Wizard Languages: Korean Instruments: N/A Hobbies: N/A Siblings: N/A Education: N/A

Fans: Pikajoos

FUN FACTS: His stage name comes from his real name ByungJoo, but also holds the meaning of ‘Be With You’ so that he’ll always be with his fans. [STARAZ 2013.11.26 + Mwave Chatter Box 2014.05.12] He has a tattoo above his right elbow that says “Bounce.” He is part of the dance crew M.O.T.F (Men Of The Future) which includes Crosd Gene’s SangMin, DGNA’s Karam, solo artist IONE (formerly SPEED’s TaeHa), & model Moon JiHu (formerly a member of A-JAX) amoung others. His face turns red when he’s embarrassed. [(x)clusive-sg Interview 2014.05.01] He formerly attended Def Dance Skool Academy. [www.defcompany.com] Prior to debut, he was a backup dancer for EVoL & a number of their performances of “Get Up" from March - April 2013. He’s had aspirations of being a singer since he was in the 8th grade. [Mwave Star Spotlight 2014.03.14] HanSol on B-Joo’s strengths: “B-Joo is my favorite member. He is my best friend. He has a lively personality, so he fancies himself as the mood maker. He is also good at slapstick & has a nice voice.

Credited source:alwaysdreaminghigh.com


Here is a small B-joo spam to help you all fall more in love with him.

My favorite B-joo image!

Well that's all for this week's B-joo Tuesday! I hope you got to know, or got reacquainted with B-joo.


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