The Reason ‘Dr. Jin’s Kim Jae Joong’s Spiteful Eyes are Sorrowful

There are actors whose gaze alone can move the hearts of viewers. There are actors who play villains one can’t hate and keeps taking the attention of viewers like a ‘wounded finger’. Kim Jae Joong from Time Slip Dr. Jin is one such case. In the drama, Kim Jae Joong plays a character with extraordinary martial arts skills and excels in his education but suffers indignation at the fact he is the offspring of a concubine. Even calling his father, ‘His Exalted Sir’, is not enough for Kim Jae Joong’s character who bears the disregarding and even physical beating of Lee Bok Hyung and even carries out every order of his father, even the bad ones, at the fear of being cast away. In addition, the woman he has yearned after since he was young, Young Lae (Park Min Young), is seemingly close to being stolen away by Jin Hyuk leading to Kim Jae Joong masking his pain and coming off even stronger. “The heavens haven’t been in my favor since a very long time ago.” Kim Kyung Tak′s words show just how much pain he carries from his past, how unconditional his loyalty to his father is and how much he pines after Young Lae. Kim Kyung Tak’s wrongdoings are actions done to try and earn the heart of someone and not done out of true malice. This is why there is sorrow seen in the eyes of Kim Kyung Tak even when he holds a sword to Jin Hyuk’s neck and sets fire to the Tomak Village. Kim Jae Joong has become 100 percent in synch with Kim Kyung Tak and is receiving praise for his acting, especially with his eyes and expressions which conveys the hidden sadness behind his character. Though he hasn’t received the heart of Young Lae right away, the love he has for her from this noble and masculine individual is moving the hearts of many in their living rooms. Netizens have expressed their sympathy for him as well saying, “Why isn’t anyone on Kyung Tak’s side?”, “His pain is clearly evident” and “And somebody please send Kyung Tak on a time slip to the 21st century.” Credit: Enewsworld

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