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It's Bin here :) the Fan Fiction moderator,@Bangtanss , has given me an assignment to post on my day—Tuesday—and apologies for the late post!

The prompts were given in hope to spice some things up like cinnamon~(yes cinnamon IS a verified spice, also it is healthy for you in some ways so next time your parents say no more pretzel bites—yeah.)

I've been a bit busy recently with a play going on and other things, so it's short and I'm planning on continuing it in my own time. Today, I told myself to have at least 10,000 words (it's what I'm used to for in a chapter, short, I know)


Anyways, halfway through I dumbly realized that the character I was writing, Moonbin from Astro, has my same name.

No, that was an absolute coincidence, so..

I've also included Kwon Nara from Hellovenus in this chapter.

Anyways, here we go! My prompt was to write a story inspired by a song.

Quick note, there are some things about Korea or the Korean language, it may have an asterisk * by it so you can see a reference at the bottom. Sorry for including Korean but can't help a habit.


Bin’s head snaps up as he realizes he’s falling asleep, and he groans when the clock still reads only seventeen minutes or so into class. He finds his hand unconsciously grabbing for his cell phone from his pocket under his desk, checking the notifications and sighing when there’s none.

Yes, Nara, his best friend, had told him not to contact her anymore. Which was something he didn’t quite get, and he thought he got things pretty well (other people would oppose to that statement, but hey).

So what if they were recently split in two different campuses?

They used to text all the time during class, phones hidden under their desks with the light illuminating off the screens dimly lit. Bin would have to try hard to stifle laughs threatening to come out of his mouth--and that wasn’t really appropriate when they were discussing the Korean War.

Ever since they went their separate ways to go to different universities, Bin had been slightly depressed in a way. His thumbs fiddle around with each other, feeling the sad absence of his phone keyboard not there.

“Bin-ah, I’m really sorry….but I think...I think we shouldn’t keep contact.”

“Don’t contact me anymore.”

Those four simple words were the ones that had Bin feeling light-headed and upset. He knew that some people didn’t enjoy the number four simply because it was known as a ‘death’ number, but Bin himself hadn’t minded until that day.


After exchanging a few words, Nara sounding completely guilty, Bin had finally promised her that he wouldn’t text or call.

And he had kept true to his word.

Until today.

With one quick glance at the teacher, finding the professor busy with her back turned and chalk in hand poised at the chalkboard, Bin pulls out his phone and silently enters his five digit passcode, launching his messaging app. He scrolls past some unread messages he didn’t really care for at the moment, finding the conversation he was looking for with the contact name of “또라이*”.

He takes a small moment to inwardly smile at the nickname he calls her, lips curving up slightly before turning down once again as he opens the conversation.


Moon bin ever so slightly bites his bottom lip as his fingers hesitantly type a text message to Nara, taking time between each word.

지금 뭐하냐? (What are you doing now?)

Bin stares at the simple text he had written out, a deeper meaning being brought out in his head.

You're staying away from other guys, right? You’re not being a clumsy you right now, right? By any chance,,you aren’t trying to refrain from texting me..?

But of course she wouldn’t be thinking the same things, someone who thought of him only as a friend. But he was happy with their relationship how it was, before she wanted to suddenly stop. Of course she wouldn’t be holding herself back from texting him.

After all, she was the one who wanted to stop contact.

Bin finally snaps out of his silly trance, pressing the back button on his phone, making the message automatically save as a draft rather than sending it. No, he wouldn’t back out on his promise.

Bin internally sighs as he rests his head on his arms across his desk, eyes peering at the clock above the door. Seventeen more long minutes to go until the bell rings.


Nara bites her lip, trying her hardest to keep her eyes open and head up. It was hard; of course it would be if you were up all night for the third day in a row with thoughts running wild through your head. She pinches her thigh with hopes that she won’t feel as groggy, and it works for about ten seconds before her teacher’s droning voice started lulling her to sleep again.

It wasn’t that her teacher was borning, in fact, he taught his curriculum in an interesting way, and she was a good student who...usually listened and got most of her homework done.

But she just couldn’t help staring at her phone all night and cursing herself for asking what she had.

It was something she felt she had to do.

Nara checks her phone silently behind her, spotting a message notification and frantically checking it.


Of course, it was only her brother, sending her a stupid meme. It wasn’t Bin.

Figures, she told him not to contact and he probably wouldn’t.

“I...i know we agreed to drop contact, but why won’t you text me? I know I was the one who asked for it, but it still stings a little," Nara found herself thinking.

"You used to never listen to me...why are you listening to me now all of a sudden?”

Nara couldn’t help but feel the slightest bit hurt, but she felt that she had the right.

"Does our friendshiop mean nothing to you?”

Nara props her elbows up on her flat desk, holding her head in her hands, her eyes immediately closing as she did so. To be totally honest, today had been a terrible day and this wasn’t helping.

"Kwon Nara?”

Her eyes flutter open a second after her brain registers her name being called, sitting up staight and rubbing her eyes.

"네, 쌤*?"

Nara sees the math equation on the board, and her eyes travel over to land on the expo marker in her teachers hand being stretched out to her.

Nara groans and shakily stands on her sleeping legs, walking quickly over to her teacher and pulling the marker from his hands.

She goes up to the white board, to be totally honest math wasn’t her greatest subject. Bin usually hleped her. He may be a total clyeless guy but he was a genius when it came to math.

Noticing that the equation was soemthing she could have solved in elementary, Nara sighs, a small smile gracing her face. Finally, something was going her way for once.

She steps up to the board, swiftly solving the review problem, an inequality, taking a step back when she finally gets her answer. Her face holds a smile, until she sees her answer.


That was....weird...

Anyways, my closest translations:

또라이: Weirdo...freak...only to be used with really close friends.

네, 쌤?: You know your teacher well by the middle of the year. First, in Korea, you don't call a teacher by their last name. It's "teacher". In America calling someone teacher is considered rude because they have a name but in Korea, you're supposed to call them teacher as a term of respect. 쌤 (ssaem of saem) is slang, a shortcut, of teacher and should be used if you're on good and close terms with them.

So, it's weird, bad, and I'm tired. And this is why posting is not my thing. I will go hide under my covers—

I'll do better next time ʕ•̀ω•́ʔ✧

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