Jung Il Woo, a rising Hallyu star, invited to Shanghai TV Festival

On June 15, actor Jung Il Woo will ride on a flight to China because he is invited to the most influential program of the country, Shanghai TV Festival. According to his agency, Soop Management, on June 11, Jung is invited to the 18th Shanghai TV sample market and its closing ceremony. After appearing in China’s leading variety talk show, Honam TV’s Tian Tian Xiang Shang, recently, he has become no.1 attention among Chinese netizens, and his name ranked at the top of male actors list on China’s portal site Baidu. He gained an increasing number of fans through SBS series 49 Days (written by So Hyun Kyung, directed by Jo Young Kwang and Park Yong Soon) and the cable channel tvN’s Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (written by Yoon Nan Joong, directed by Jung Jung Hwa). Now, he seems to boost his march in foreign countries. Source: TV Report via en.korea.com

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