Bite Me | A Park Jimin Fanfiction (Ch. 8)

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Today is the chapter about their first run!

Will everything be okay?

I guess we will have to see ;)I guess we will have to see ;)

Need a recap? Or new to the series? I gotchu~Need a recap? Or new to the series? I gotchu~

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Day 6 | First Run



It was weird seeing them walk out the door, carrying guns on their backs and leaving us behind at the cabin. I only hoped that all of them would come back safely. All six of us watched as they got in the car and drove off. 

My father said that they would try all they can to be back before night time. If they don't make it by then... no. I don't want to think about that.

We all headed back inside, wanting to distract ourselves. Bomi and Jung-Yoon were trying to put together this puzzle, one they had been working on since yesterday. It was a huge table-sized puzzle but since they are both 10, it wasn't too difficult for them.

Krystal, Jimin, Eun-Min, and I on the other hand just talked in the living room, wanting to keep an eye on everything. 

And even though we had just met Krystal only a couple of days ago, it was like we have known her much longer. She gets along great with the both of us and she would tell us stories about her life. One of my favorite was when she told us a story about Kai and her.

It was when they had first met. Krystal was on her way to a meeting in her building for work when Kai suddenly stopped her. He had mistaken her for someone else he knew when he was younger but that was just the start of their relationship. They would keep 'randomly' bumping into each other more and more and eventually he asked her out. The best part about it all though, was that he completely made it up.

He lied about mistaking her for someone else. He just wanted to find an excuse to talk to her. My inner drama nerd just about died when she said that and Jimin had to stop himself from throwing up, thinking about how cute it was. He doesn't handle cute stories that well.

She would also ask things about us and how we met as well. I moved into our neighborhood when I was 5 and my parents were trying to push me to make new friends. So, we went door to door to introduce ourselves and when we went to the house across the street that is when I met Jimin.

He was this adorable tiny little mochi of a toddler, with huge round cheeks. He was really shy and hid behind his parents when we met for the first time. However, he opened up more and more over time as our parents grew really close and we ended up spending a lot of time together. And before we knew it, we were best friends.

Krystal loved that, thinking of the tiny versions of us hanging out and me being the aggressive one, trying to make conversation. It was really funny to picture and soon enough we were all laughing.

It was at this point that I trusted Krystal. She was no longer a stranger and I was thankful for them breaking into our cabin that night. Kai, on the other hand, I wasn't too sure about yet.


The sun started to fall, casting a small shadow over the cabin. The adults weren't back yet and I started to get worried. I had been pacing around the room for 20 minutes when the car suddenly pulled in. 

All six of us ran towards the car, wanting to help and ask everything that happened when we stopped. As they climbed out of the car, something was wrong. I only counted 3 people instead of the 4 that went.

I was hoping to heavens that they were just in the back of the car but when the 3 climbed out, the looks on their face said everything. 

I started to tear up. My voice catching in my throat, it took me a minute before I could ask the question I really did not want to know the answer to.

"W-Where's mom?"



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