❄Winter Days❄ [Yoonmin] (Chapter 3)

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"So, how'd it go?" Namjoon asked before taking a sip of his coffee, leaning against the shelf of the worker lounge. Yoongi looks up to think before shrugging his shoulders & takes a sip of his coffee as well. He then places his gaze out the hospital window, watching the snow gradually fall slower than before.

"He was cooperative for the most part." Yoongi says.

"Was he?"

"Yeah, but I had to force him out of the closet. He was hiding in it like some type of child." Namjoon chuckles from Yoongi's response.

"I was expecting that, but he's still pretty harmless." Yoongi takes his gaze away from the window & looks down into his coffee mug, staring back at his reflection.

"Yeah, I guess so..." Namjoon lifts his weight from the shelf & makes his way towards Yoongi, pulling up a chair to sit next to him.

"What all did you talk about? Were you even able to get him to talk?" Namjoon questioned, resting his head onto hi hands like a curious child. Before Yoongi could open his mouth to answer Namjoon's question, Jimin's words began to replay in his mind:

Liar... You're gonna go & tell your "Doctor friends" about it...

Yoongi sighs deeply into his coffee.

"Namjoon, you know everything between me & the patient is confidential..." Yoongi snaps with his cold attitude followed by him taking another sip into his hot beverage. Namjoon smacks his lips as a sign of defeat from Yoongi's valid point.

"Whatever... You're no fun anyways..." Namjoon looks at the time & rolls his eyes.

"Breaks over, I'll catch you tomorrow." He roughly pats Yoongi's back & heads out of the worker's lounge, finally leaving Yoongi alone.

Yoongi stretches his arms & places his hands on the back of his head putting his attention out the window again.

What did I get myself into...?What did I get myself into...?


The next day, Yoongi found himself speed walking down the hospital hallway, occasionally bumping into co-workers before quickly apologizing & continues on his way to meet with Jimin again.

What the hell am I doing?What the hell am I doing?

He thought to himself as he notices his extra motivation & energy. He doesn't know if this was a good thing or what. Yoongi wanted to stop himself to question his actions, but his feet continues to carry him down the hall.

"Dr. Yoongi!" A familiar voice shouts from down the hall, opposite to where Yoongi was headed. He ignores the voice that obviously wasn't Namjoon & continues. The sound of multiple running footsteps gradually gets closer & closer before the touch of someone's hand was placed on Yoongi's shoulder, finally causing him to stop walking & turn around to see who wanted him.

Another of his closer co-workers who had a box-like smile planted across his face was contrasted with the other who had a nervous expression.

"What do you want Taehyung, can't you see I'm in a hurry to see a patient?" Yoongi asked with a frustrated tone of voice.

"I saw, but it's so unlike you. You're never in a hurry to see a patient!" Taehyung gets closer to him & places his hands onto Yoongi's forehead followed by his cheeks.

"You okay? Did you catch a cold, I know it's been snowing alot lately. Are the patient's getting to you?" Taehyung asked with genuine concern. Yoongi groans & smacks Taehyung's hand away.

"I'm fine, I'm just doing my job..." Taehyung places his hand onto his chin & smirks at his higher up.

"Okay, okay. I'll believe you this time~"

Yoongi takes a glimpse of the time.

What a waste of time...What a waste of time...

Yoongi turns his back towards the two men before Taehyung turns him around again.

"Wait~ You haven't met Jungkook yet~"

"Jungkook...?" Yoongi outs his attention onto the young, unfamiliar doctor who still had a nervous, shy look.

"Yeah, soon to be Dr. Jeon Jungkook! He's new & is training. They asked me to look for you so you could show him around." Jungkook raises his head slightly from​ the floor & looks back at Yoongi.

"It's nice to meet you.." He waved & smiled slightly, showing his almost 'bunny-like' teeth. Taehyung pinches his cheek followed by him hugging Jungkook tightly.

"Isn't he cute~ I get to work with him from now on. He'll be apart of our team, so I'm not the youngest anymore~ He reminds me of a small, fluffy bunny~❤"

"Can't... Breathe..." Jungkook manages to say. Other doctors & patients passing by stare at the two men from their odd behavior.

Your job is to help people... not strangle them...Your job is to help people... not strangle them...

"Tell them I'm busy." With that, Yoongi turns back around & picks up the pace again.

"Wait! Who's gonna show Kookie around?!"Taehyung shouts.

K... Kookie...?

"You can! Tell them I gave you permission!" He shouts back, halfway down the hall. Yoongi makes a left turn down the stairs & was out of sight. Taehyung's eyes sparkled with glee.

"Yay~! I'm finally in charge of something!" Taehyung grabs a hold of Jungkook's hand rather tightly & proceeds to show him around.

I wonder what got into Yoongi Hyung


Yoongi looks down at his multiple files, flipping through them until he found Jimin's page while he frantically looks around the hall for his room number.

Maybe there is something wrong with me...Maybe there is something wrong with me...

Yoongi shakes his head from the thought & proceeds to search for Jimin's room.

211...212... 213!211...212... 213!

He found himself relieved to find his room, deeply sighing from it. Yoongi approaches the door & places his hand onto the doorknob. Before he could turn it, he hears something behind it.



Jimin did say that he sings, but claims he isn't any good. To Yoongi, his voice was soft but it hits you strong when you hear it. His voice sounded almost angelic, like something he's never heard before in his life. How could he think he's not any good? He was perfect! Yoongi felt himself become flustered from his actions.

What am I doing? He doesn't want anyone hearing him but...What am I doing? He doesn't want anyone hearing him but...

Yoongi shakes his head from the thought & unconsciously opens the door... Huge mistake.

Yoongi stops in his tracks & Jimin quickly looks over his shoulder, shutting his mouth from singing. Jimin was completely shirtless as he was in the process of putting it on. The only thing he had on was a pair of his shorts. Yoongi found himself almost​ hypnotized by Jimin's back muscles. (A/N: same tbh)

Jimin's once soft expression quickly turns into a flustered, enraged mess. His cheeks was almost the same color as his hair. Yoongi felt his face heat up from embarrassment as well. He's seen patients shirtless all the time, but with Jimin... Red blush began to contrast onto Yoongi's pale, white skin.

"Have you ever heard of knocking?!" Jimin snaps at his doctor.

"I umm." Yoongi attempted​ to explain himself, but words just wasn't coming out. Jimin balls up his fist & made his way towards Yoongi at a quick pace.

"GET OUT!!" Yoongi was then hit by a hard fist to his face.

"Harmless".... he says...."Harmless".... he says....

The world around him goes pitch black before hitting the hard tile floor.



lol... Poor Yoongi xD ❤

I Had To Cut This Chapter After Yoongi Gets Punched (lol) Because This Turned Out MUCH Longer Than I Wanted To Be... So, I'll Just Add It Onto The Next One :)

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